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Upcoming STEAM Session

STEAM in the Makerspace!  All Things Tinkercad (3 Part Series) 3rd graders and up, Registration Required

Part 1, "How To Use Tinkercad"

We will learn how to use Tinkercad. This versatile program is extremely useful for designing 3D objects that can be printed on our 3D printer. 

Rescheduled to March 1:


Part 2 "The Versatility of Tinkercad"

We will explore in detail the different elements of Tinkercad in order to gain a better understanding of the power of this free design tool.

Register here for the March 15 session:


Part 3 "Building Virtual Circuits with Tinkercad"

We will explore how Tinkercad can be used to build virtual Arduino circuits and explore several different sensors in order to gain an understanding of both software and hardware design elements.

Register here for the April 12 session:


Cosplay Club


Cosplay Club.Saturday March 25th from 12pm to 1:00pm  in the Medway Library Makerspace. Cosplayers of any level welcome! Feel free to wear your cosplay costume!

 Young adults are welcome to come hang out and discuss cosplay with other like minded individuals and feel free to wear your cosplay.