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Medway Public Library Teen Services

Welcome to the Medway Public Library Teen Services!

Our mission in Teen Services is to build a worthwhile collection of books and other materials specifically for teens; to provide excellent programming to the young adult community; and to be a center of learning.

The Teen Room, located near the non-fiction, is a space for young adults, ages 12-18, to hang out at the library. While we encourage all patrons to use the materials in the Teen Room, the space itself is reserved for young adults.  If you are younger than 12 or older than 18,  you will be asked to move.

The Teen Room is not regularly monitored, although librarians will attempt to keep an eye and ear out for trouble and for those who need help.  In the end, librarians are not responsible for behavior in the Teen Room. If you need help with anything look for the Teen Librarian, Lucy Anderson, at the Circulation Desk or in her office or ask another librarian to help you find her.

Breakout Box: A Case of the Mondays
Monday, December 11th, 7:15 PM
You’ve just arrived at school and find that your teacher has written the date on the board.  It says “Monday...”--but how can that be?  You’re 100% sure yesterday was Monday, so it can’t be Monday again...right?  You ask your teacher if they’ve made a mistake, but they just give you that “teacher look” and tell you to sit down. Last night a strange box appeared on Miss Lucy’s desk with a note explaining that unless her students can unlock the box, every day will be a Monday for the rest of the year.  There’s a timer attached to the box.  Are you ready to save our school year, or will we suffer the curse of the Mondays?

Ages 12 and up. Register HERE.

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