June 2014 Medway Library New Items

179.3 CAF The CAFO reader : the tragedy of industrial animal factories
338.7 Coll Coll, Steve. Private empire : ExxonMobil and American power
582.16 Wojtech Wojtech, Michael. Bark : a field guide to trees of the northeast
970.5 Brown Brown, Dee Bury my heart at Wounded Knee : an Indian history of the American West
FICTION Robards Robards, Karen. Shiver
Museum Pass Massachusetts State Parks.
LARGE PRINT Alexander Alexander, Victoria. The Scandalous adventures of the sister of the bride
LARGE PRINT Andrews Andrews, Mary Kay Save the date
LARGE PRINT Cussler Cussler, Clive. Ghost ship : a novel from the NUMA files
LARGE PRINT Evans Evans, Richard Paul. Walking on water
LARGE PRINT Griffin Griffin, Laura Far gone
LARGE PRINT Heller Heller, Peter The painter
LARGE PRINT King King, Stephen Mr. Mercedes
LARGE PRINT McMurtry McMurtry, Larry. The Last Kind Words Saloon
LARGE PRINT Palmer Palmer, Michael Resistant
LARGE PRINT Willig Willig, Lauren. That summer
331.2 Merino The wage gap
631.53 Heistinger Heistinger, Andrea. The manual of seed saving : harvesting, storing, and sowing techniques for vegetables, herbs, and fruits
631.53 Richerson Richerson, Sheri Ann The complete idiot's guide to seed saving and starting
FICTION Bonert Bonert, Kenneth. The Lion Seeker : a novel
FICTION Gabaldon Gabaldon, Diana. Written in my own heart's blood : a novel
FICTION Miller Miller, Derek (Derek Norwegian by night
FICTION Rollins Rollins, James The kill switch : a Tucker Wayne novel
FICTION Stone Stone, Robert Death of the black-haired girl
MYSTERY Nesbo Nesb, Jo The son : a novel
DVD Flawless Flawless [videorecording]
JUV. 363.73 Newman Newman, Patricia. Plastic, ahoy! : investigating the great Pacific garbage patch
JUV. 492.4 Hebrew The Hebrew aleph-bet for kids, by kids
JUV. 590.72 Oxlade Oxlade, Chris. Animal infographics
JUV. 597.8 Rudolph Rudolph, Jessica, au My skin is bumpy and slimy
JUV. 597.96 Jackson Jackson, Tom Rattlesnakes
JUV. 628.9 White White, Nancy Aviation firefighters
JUV. 940.4 Bausum Bausum, Ann, author. Stubby the war dog : the true story of World War I 's bravest dog
JUV. AUDIO CD Banks Banks, Lynne Reid Tiger, tiger [sound recording]
JUV. DVD Barbie Barbie in a mermaid tale 2 [videorecording].
JUV. DVD Batman The Batman Superman movie [videorecording]
JUV. DVD Betty Betty Boop and Grampy [videorecording].
JUV. DVD BOB B.O.B.'s big break [videorecording]
JUV. DVD Care Care Bears. Magical adventures [videorecording]
JUV. DVD Little Little Lulu
JUV. DVD Molly Molly Moo-Cow and friends [videorecording]
JUV. DVD Mr Mr. Tickle presents tickle time around town [videorecording].
JUV. DVD Tad A Tad of Christmas cheer [videorecording]
JUV. DVD Travel Travel adventures [videorecording].
JUV. DVD Truck Truck adventures [videorecording]
JUV. DVD Yogi Yogi the Easter bear [videorecording]
JUV. EASY Bloom Bloom, C. P. The Monkey goes bananas
JUV. EASY Hoberman Hoberman, Mary Ann. Very short tall tales to read together
JUV. EASY Pett Pett, Mark, author The girl and the bicycle
JUV. EASY READER Catalanotto Catalanotto, Peter. More of Monkey & Robot
JUV. EASY Ryder Ryder, Joanne. Hello, Tree!
JUV. EASY Schneider Schneider, Josh Princess Sparkle-Heart gets a makeover
JUV. EASY Sullivan Sullivan, Mary Ball
JUV. FICTION Cutler Cutler, Jane. Susan Marcus bends the rules
JUV. FICTION Egan Egan, Kate, author. Vanishing coin
JUV. GRAPHIC Gravel Gravel, Elise, autho Jessie Elliot is a big chicken
JUV. MUSIC Baby Baby Einstein Music Baby Galileo [sound recording].
JUV. MUSIC Baby's(Gruskin) Baby's first lullabies [sound recording] : for baby's soothing restful sleep.
JUV. MUSIC Classical(Gruskin) Classical lullabies [sound recording] : for baby's soothing restful sleep.
JUV. MUSIC Listen Listen learn and grow lullabies [sound recording] : music to stimulate and inspire young minds.
JUV. MUSIC Songs Songs for traveling [sound recording]
AUDIO CD 959 Sallah Sallah, Michael. Tiger Force [sound recording] : a true story of men and war
AUDIO CD BIOGRAPHY Cooper Cooper, Helene. The house at Sugar Beach [sound recording] : in search of a lost Africanchildhood
AUDIO CD BIOGRAPHY Kyle Kyle, Chris American sniper [sound recording] : [the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history]
BD Bourne The Bourne identity [videorecording]
CD CLASSICAL Dowland Dowland, John Songs from the Labyrinth [sound recording]
CD CLASSICAL United United States Marine Flourishes and meditations [sound recording]
CD COUNTRY Keith Keith, Toby. Unleashed [sound recording]
CD HOLIDAY Cole Cole, Nat King The Christmas song [sound recording].
CD HOLIDAY Groban Groban, Josh. Nol [sound recording]
CD HOLIDAY Sinatra Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Crosby Christmas [sound recording]
CD JAZZ Big(Morris) Morris, Scotty. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy [sound recording].
CD JAZZ Cherry(Perry) Perry, Steve Zoot suit riot [sound recording].
CD JAZZ Feinstein Feinstein, Michael. Big city rhythms [sound recording]
CD JAZZ King King, B. B. Makin' love is good for you [sound recording]
CD JAZZ Lennon Lennon, John (I got no kick against) Modern jazz [sound recording] : a GRP artists' celebration of the songs of the Beatles.
CD JAZZ Marsalis Marsalis, Wynton Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton play the blues live from Jazz at Lincoln Center [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Alice Alice in Chains (Mus Dirt [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Allman Allman Brothers Band Mycology [sound recording] : an anthology
CD POP/ROCK Beastie Beastie Boys, Perfo Check your head [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Beastie Beastie Boys, Perfo Hello nasty [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Beastie Beastie Boys. Ill communication [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Beastie Beastie Boys. To the 5 boroughs [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Blink Blink-182 (Musical g Dude ranch [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Blink Blink-182 (Musical g Enema of the state [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Blink Blink-182 (Musical g Take off your pants and jacket [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Boston Boston (Musical grou Boston [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Brown Brown, James 20 all-time greatest hits [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Brown Brown, James The Apollo Theater presents, in person, the James Brown show [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Brown Brown, James The CD of JB [sound recording] : Sex machine and other soul classics
CD POP/ROCK Carlton Carlton, Vanessa, P Harmonium [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Chemical Chemical Brothers. Surrender [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Chemical Chemical Brothers (M Dig your own hole [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Cranberries Cranberries (Musical Wake up and smell the coffee [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Dashboard Dashboard Confession A mark, a mission, a brand, a scar [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Dire Straits(Knopfler) Knopfler, Mark. Brothers in arms [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Doors Doors (Musical group The best of the Doors [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Erasure Erasure (Musical gro Cowboy [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Evanescence Evanescence (Musical Fallen [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Foofighters Foo Fighters (Musica In your honor [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Grateful Grateful Dead (Music Steppin' out with the Grateful Dead [sound recording] : England '72
CD POP/ROCK Hatfield Hatfield, Juliana. In exile deo [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Hendrix Hendrix, Jimi. The early years [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Jackson Jackson, Michael Number ones [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Jane's Jane's Addiction (Mu Jane's Addiction [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Jane's Jane's Addiction (Mu Nothing's shocking [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Jane's Jane's Addiction (Mu Ritual de lo habitual [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Jane's Jane's Addiction (Mu Strays [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Jay-Z Jay-Z Jay-Z. Vol. 2, Hard knock life [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK JoJo JoJo (Musician). JoJo [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Linkin Linkin Park (Musical Hybrid theory [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Love Love (Musical group) Forever changes [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Merchant Merchant, Natalie. Motherland [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Minogue Minogue, Kylie. Fever [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Nirvana Nirvana (Musical gro Nevermind [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK No No Doubt (Musical gr Tragic kingdom [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Offspring Offspring (Musical g Americana [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Olstead Olstead, Renee. Renee Olstead [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Pearl Jam Pearl Jam (Musical g Ten [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Phish Phish (Musical group Junta [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Poco Poco (Musical group) The very best of Poco [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Prodigy Prodigy (Musical gro Experience [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Prodigy Prodigy (Musical gro The fat of the land [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK REM R.E.M. (Musical grou New adventures in hi-fi [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Rolling Stones Rolling Stones. Grrr! [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Ronstadt Ronstadt, Linda. Greatest hits [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Roxy Roxy Music (Musical Avalon [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Shakira Shakira. Laundry service [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Simon Simon, Carly, Perfo Greatest hits live [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Squirrel Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Sublime Sublime (Musical gro Sublime [sound recording].
CD POP/ROCK Third Third Eye Blind (Mus Blue [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Toad Toad the Wet Sprocke Fear [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Traffic Traffic (Musical gro The definitive collection [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK West West, Kanye. Late registration [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK White White, Barry Staying power [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK Winwood Winwood, Steve About time [sound recording]
CD POP/ROCK XTC XTC (Musical group). Oranges & lemons [sound recording]
CD SHOW Monty Monty Python's Spamalot [sound recording] : original Broadway cast recording
DVD Republic of Doyle. The complete second season [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. 22,000 foot fall [videorecording].
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Border slingshot [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Breaking glass [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Brown note [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Bullet proof water [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Bullets fired up [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Buster special [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Cell phones on planes [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Chinese invasion alarm [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Cooling a six-pack [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Crimes and myth-demeanors 1 [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Crimes and myth-demeanors 2 [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Diet Coke and Mentos [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Exploding lighter [videorecording].
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Exploding pants [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Exploding port-a-potty [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Franklin's kite [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Helium football [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Hollywood on trial [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Is yawning contagious? [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Jet pack [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Killer cable snaps [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Killer tissue box [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Killer whirlpool [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters Mythbusters [videorecording] : mega movie myths.
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Mind control [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Myths reopened [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Paper crossbow [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Revealed [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Revisited [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Salsa escape [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Seasickness: kill or cure? [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters Mythbusters. Season 4, disc F [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Shop till you drop [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Son of a gun [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Steam cannon [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Steel toe amputation [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusters MythBusters. Vodka myths [videorecording]
DVD 500 MythBusthers MythBusters. Killer brace position [videorecording]
DVD 613 Build Build muscle, shrink fat [videorecording].
DVD 613.7 Firm The firm. Total body toner [videorecording].
DVD 649 One 1-2-3 magic [videorecording] : managing difficult behavior in children 2-12
DVD 941 Born Born to royalty [videorecording]
DVD Against Against all odds [videorecording]
DVD Back Back to the future [videorecording]
DVD Back Back to the future [videorecording] : the complete trilogy
DVD Best Best of Alfred Hitchcock [videorecording].
DVD Blazing Blazing saddles [videorecording]
DVD Bright Bright star [videorecording].
DVD Christmas Christmas cottage [videorecording]
DVD Down Down with love [videorecording]
DVD Election Election [videorecording]
DVD Fantastic Fantastic four [videorecording] : world's greatest heroes. Vol. 1.
DVD Gift The gift [videorecording]
DVD Go Go [videorecording]
DVD Hedwig Hedwig and the angry inch [videorecording]
DVD Igby Igby goes down [videorecording]
DVD In In the cut [videorecording]
DVD Last The last Templar [videorecording]
DVD Man The man with two brains [videorecording]
DVD Mr Mr. Destiny [videorecording]
DVD Onion The Onion movie [videorecording].
DVD Party Party monster [videorecording].
DVD Republic The Republic of Doyle. Season 1 [videorecording]
DVD Scent Scent of a woman [videorecording]
DVD Scrubs Scrubs. The complete second season [videorecording]
DVD Strange Strange days [videorecording] Lightstorm Entertainment ; produced by James Cameron and Steven Charles Jaffe ; directed by Katheryn Bigelow ; screenplay by James Cameron and Jay Cocks.
DVD Welcome Welcome to Mooseport [videorecording]
DVD Wrinkle A wrinkle in time [videorecording]
JUV. MUSIC Tincknell Tincknell, Roger. Traveling man [sound recording]
YA AUDIO CD Jin Jin, Ha A free life [sound recording] : a novel
345 Massachusetts Massachusetts practice.
REFERENCE 363.82 Walpole Walpole Coordinated Community Resource Guide.
YA AUDIO CD Curtis Curtis, Christopher Bucking the Sarge [sound recording]
YA AUDIO CD Perkins Perkins, Lynne Rae. Criss cross [sound recording]
YA Bardugo Bardugo, Leigh. Ruin and rising
YA Clare Clare, Cassandra. au City of heavenly fire
YA GRAPHIC Yang Yang, Gene Luen, aut The shadow hero
YA MacColl MacColl, Michaela, a Always Emily : a novel of intrigue and romance
YA Pfeffer Pfeffer, Susan Beth The shade of the moon
YA Sullivan Sullivan, Laura L. Love by the morning star
305.8 Kidder Kidder, Tracy. Strength in what remains
BIOGRAPHY McBride McBride, James The color of water : a Black man's tribute to his white mother
BIOGRAPHY Walls Walls, Jeannette. The glass castle : a memoir
FICTION Dunan Dunant, Sarah. The birth of Venus : a novel
FICTION Fielding Fielding, Helen Bridget Jones's diary : a novel
FICTION Kent Kent, Kathleen The heretic's daughter : a novel
FICTION McCarthy McCarthy, Susan Caro Lay that trumpet in our hands
FICTION McCarthy McCarthy, Susan Caro Lay that trumpet in our hands
FICTION McCarthy McCarthy, Susan Caro Lay that trumpet in our hands
FICTION McCarthy McCarthy, Susan Caro Lay that trumpet in our hands
FICTION Stein Stein, Garth. The art of racing in the rain : a novel
FICTION Stockett Stockett, Kathryn. The help
FICTION Wroblewski Wroblewski, David. The story of Edgar Sawtelle : a novel
JUV. PAPERBACK Clements Clements, Andrew A week in the woods
JUV. PAPERBACK Taylor Taylor, Mildred D. Roll of thunder, hear my cry
JUV. PAPERBACK Yep Yep, Laurence Dragonwings
PAPERBACK McCarthy McCarthy, Cormac The road
YA PAPERBACK Collins Collins, Suzanne. Catching fire
YA PAPERBACK DuPrau DuPrau, Jeanne. The city of Ember
YA PAPERBACK Roth Roth, Veronica, auth Divergent

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