Board of Library Trustees Meeting
April 2, 2013

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



Carol Brown, Vice Chair
Diane Burkhardt
Ed Duggan
Chris Monahan
Wendy Rowe, Chair


Margaret Perkins, Acting Director
John Foresto, Board of Selectmen liaison (7-7:24 p.m.)

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Motion to approve agenda: CB1, CM2, passed unanimously

  3. Secretary's Report
  4. Motion to approve Mar 5 report: CB1, CM2, passed unanimously

    Motion to approve Mar 25 report: CM1, CB2, passed unanimously

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. John Foresto said the Finance Committee had no questions regarding the money the Selectmen endorsed to fund our requested programs or full-time Director position. They held off on the other $19K we requested, since they still don't have the cherry sheet (state aid) numbers and therefore assumed flat revenue. If more money is available, the change could be made on Town Meeting floor or at the fall special town meeting.

    April 27 will be the town-wide cleanup and an open house at the renovated Middle School.

  7. Budget Report
  8. Director's Report
  9. The Library Assistant 2 position was posted internally for the required 10 days, and only Lorie Brownell applied. Margaret will interview her, and has been authorized to hire her into the position.

    The Plymouth Rocket room booking software is priced at $275 but will probably cost less than $225 since there's a discount for using more than one module (we already use their TixKeeper for our passes) and a discount through Minuteman. The software allows patrons to check room availability and request a room themselves, improving customer service while making the staff's job easier. The Trustees didn't feel that their other module, EventKeeper, was worth spending more for at this time. Motion to purchase Plymouth Rocket's room booking package: CB1, DB2, passed unanimously.

  10. Old Business
  11. New Business
  12. Special Programs, Fundraising, Sponsorships
  13. Adjournment; next meeting May 7
  14. Motion to adjourn: ED1, CM2, passed unanimously. 8:07PM

Medway Public Library

Director's Report

April 2, 2013


I have hired three new substitutes, two of whom have already worked a couple of shifts. Staffing during the last few weeks would have been almost impossible without them or without the willingness of the Library Assistants to work extra hours, sometimes at the last minute.


I am going to meet with Suzanne Kennedy, Sue Ellis, and Melanie Phillips to review the budget changes that the Selectmen recommended at the March 25th budget meeting.

The DPS is negotiating with Direct Energy to secure a better price, since the cost went up greatly after the Town's contract with them ended in December. The Town Accountant has directed departments not to pay the Direct Energy bills until this negotiation is complete.


The NASAScience4Girls and their Families program on March 20th was a huge success, with 59 adults and children attending. The presenter, an education coordinator from NOVA, screened part of the new NOVA show, Earth from Space, and talked about her experiences as a scientist in the Antarctic. The children then had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on activity about earthquakes.

Patrons enjoyed the Sisters in Crime author panel on writing mystery novels, and Becky Atwood's straw braiding program.

Ted Burbank, a Millis resident and author of a book on energy independence, will give a presentation on May 9th on how he eliminated all his utility bills. I attended his fascinating and well-attended talk on the subject last fall at the Millis Public Library.


I talked to Plymouth Rocket, the company from which we get Tixkeeper, about their Room Booking and Event software packages. The annual costs are $275 and $250 respectively, before additional multi-product and Minuteman discounts. The products look like they would meet our needs very well. Given the high rate of usage of our meeting rooms, a product such as Plymouth Rocket's Room Booking software would make management of reservations less time consuming and more accurate.


During March, I attended a Board of Directors meeting, and a Membership meeting, during which we saw a demo of Freading (downloadable books, mostly small publishers), and FreegalMusic (downloadable music -- patrons can download, and keep, up to three songs a week). Group pricing of FreegalMusic would still be quite expensive for Medway. I do not yet have pricing information for Freading.

The Minuteman committee charged with investigating possible new Integrated Library Systems arranged for three hour demos of each of four products, three of which I have attended. Katherine will attend the fourth next week. Katherine and I are both attending a Minuteman Gmail training this week, as Minuteman will be moving its email to Gmail. As a non-profit, Minuteman will be able to offer access to a number of added Gmail features.

Overdrive's user interface will change as of April 3rd. Access to ePUB format ebooks will be simplified.

-Margaret Perkins

Budget Report

Account Acct # Start Balance Expen. To Date End Balance % Spent Current Month Expend.
Salaries - Full Time 5110 $82,173.00 $66,420.06 $15,752.94 80.83% $9,241.28
Salaries - Part Time 5111 $70,845.00 $62,402.32 $8,442.68 88.08% $7,170.24
Longevity 5150 $1,350.00 $1,350.00 $0.00 100.00% $0.00
Electricity 5211 $19,956.00 $12,686.56 $7,269.44 63.57% $646.55
Heating Fuel 5212 $7,900.00 $4,709.54 $3,190.46 59.61% $1,127.41
Trash 5232 $1,717.00 $835.66 $881.34 48.67% $0.00
Water & Sewer 5231 $880.00 $128.08 $751.92 14.55% $0.00
R & M Miscellaneous 5240 $5,411.00 $9,477.45 ($4,066.45) 175.15% $1,899.50
Telephone 5341 $1,300.00 $741.19 $558.81 57.01% $27.60
Supplies 5400 $1,600.00 $1,910.60 ($310.60) 119.41% $146.28
Postage 5343 $264.00 $264.00 $0.00 100.00% $0.00
OPS - (Minuteman bill) 5380 $23,222.00 $23,222.00 $0.00 100.00% $0.00
Travel 5710
$98.79 ($98.79)
$216,618.00 $184,246.25 $32,371.75 85.06% $20,258.86

TM: Books and Materials 5521 $20,000.00 $15,701.75 $4,298.25 78.51% $1,494.02
TM: Library Initiatives 5200 $23,150.00 $18,922.18 $4,227.82 81.74% 14,065.52
$43,150.00 $34,623.93 $8,526.07 80.24% $15,559.54

Start Balance Expen. To Date Income to Date Account Bal Current Month Net
Memorial Donations 5400 $18,389.74 $11,845.13 $1,746.68 $8,291.29 ($1,410.68)
Tuchinsky Fund Interest
$190.64 $41,085.26 $21.96
Tuchinsky Fund Principal

$102,869.11 $0.00
Library Restitution Fund 706-4773 $806.61 $450.23 $1,128.25 $1,484.63 $54.99
Copier & Printer Rev. Fund 722-4840 $3,766.28 $726.00 $1,117.25 $4,157.53 $142.00
Meeting Room Rev. Fund 723-4840 $2,242.20 $496.44 $345.00 $2,090.76 $150.00
Free Public Library 2017 $9,070.35 $6,984.89 $5,011.53 $7,096.99 $0.00
$178,038.91 $20,502.69 $9,539.35 $167,075.57 ($1,041.73)