Board of Library Trustees Meeting
Sanford Hall
March 25, 2013
6:00 p.m.



Carol Brown, Vice Chair
Diane Burkhardt
Ed Duggan
Chris Monahan
Bill Roberts
Wendy Rowe, Chair


Margaret Perkins, Acting Library Director
Board of Selectmen
Suzanne Kennedy, Town Administrator
Sue Ellis, Director of Human Resources
Many Library supporters
Others attending the BoS meeting

The Medway Board of Library Trustees attended the Board of Selectmen's budget review meeting to discuss the proposed 2014 Library budget. Selectmen expressed pleasure at the large number of people in the audience, with BoS Chair Andy Espinosa saying it was the biggest turnout since the water problem.

Invited by Andy to speak for the Trustees, Wendy spoke based on a one-page handout she supplied. Margaret was at the presenter's table with Wendy to answer any budget/operational details requiring additional information. During the discussion, the Trustees were advised that the Union needs to be brought in on the discussion due to the proposed non-replacement of the union Circulation Librarian.

Ed spoke from the audience in support of the need for a full time Library Director to provide full time professional supervision such as has been hired throughout the Town.

After her presentation, Wendy asked those in the audience to raise their hands if they were there in support of the Library. A majority of the attendees raised their hands. The Trustees and Margaret left the meeting and immediately dispersed before 7pm, dissolving the Trustees meeting quorum.

Library FY2014 Budget Review            3/25/2013 wer

Typically, every week Medway Library serves 1338 people of all ages, handles over 60 reference requests, hosts 90 public computer internet users, and circulates 2142 items. But now, more people than ever are using our varied services, thanks to one-time funds added to the Library's FY13 budget for new programming and capital improvements.

The Library now operates 40 hours per week. The community space downstairs remains open longer, until 9:30pm Monday-Thursday, for access to meeting rooms, computers, and wireless internet. During our extended community area hours over the first 11 days of March, 37 individuals used the Library's computers/wireless and 13 groups used the meeting rooms. Through a combination of Library and group-sponsored events, we now host movies, club meetings, story times, therapy dog visits, science (STEM) activities, musical and theatrical rehearsals and performances, tutoring, study groups, Scout groups, Community Education classes, community forums, and meetings of Town boards. Local businesses even rent our meeting room space.

Our special programs have been big hits, most recently the ATHM Colonial Yarn Dollmaking workshop (50 kids, 15 adults), "It's Not About the Hike" (70 attendees), NASAScience4Girls and Their Families (59 attendees), and a workshop on Medway's historical straw braiding industry. We've had presentations by Social Security and

Career Center Services. Upcoming are the Sisters in Crime "It's a Mystery to Me" mystery writers' presentation (March 26 7pm), an Interactive Medway Murder Mystery Theater based on historic Medway (May 3), and Shakespeare in the Park (July 27 & 28).

We now supply eBooks, eMagazines, eReaders, electronic reference databases, and online language learning programs. We've applied for and won grants for cultural programming and materials, and have reconfigured our facility to better fit our patrons' needs. All this has been accomplished with a part-time Acting Library Director.

Request #1: $23,000 additional funding annually for a full-time Library Director.

We now have the perfect opportunity to seek out and hire a full-time Library Director who would have the time to do the planning, coordination, grant-making, training, and community outreach needed to maximize the return on Medway's library investment. A full-time Library Director's salary would be approximately $23,000 more than the FY14 budgeted amount for our Circulation Librarian, who just retired.

Request #2: $19,000 one-time "Tuchinsky Relief" funding

Preserving our FY13 level of hours-open service (40 hours/week full-service Library, extended community area hours Monday-Thursday 8-9:30pm, unfunded R&M) with the proposed $222,039 FY14 budget would require our spending $19,000 from Tuchinsky Fund interest ($8180 salaries, $10,000 R&M, $820 expenses).

Request #3: $6500 one-time Special Programs funding

With grants and donations paying for our books and other materials, we need another $4000 for a year of baby/toddler drop-in and $2500 for public shows and workshops.