Board of Library Trustees Meeting
February 25, 2012

1:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



Carol Brown, Vice-chair
MaryAnn Cabibbo
Ed Duggan
Chris Monahan
William Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Rowe, Chair


Margaret Perkins, Acting Director

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda (1:00PM) MAC1, CB2

  3. Citizens Speak
  4. Working session: FY2013 budgeting for Medway 2020 items
  5. The trustees felt that we should immediately get a Nook & and the Sony ebook reader (with overdrive ebooks installed) for the device petting zoo (so the staff can demonstrate them). We already have a Kindle long-term loaned by a Trustee. Next budget year, we should buy 3 or so more Sonys. With 3, Margaret would let them circulate.
  6. We should have a program that offered training on these devices.
  7. The town is getting permission to do CORI checks.
  8. Adjournment; next meeting March 6
  9. Motion to adjourn (3:10PM), MAC1, CB2