Board of Library Trustees Meeting
December 7, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



Carol Brown
MaryAnn Cabibbo
Ed Duggan
Wendy Rowe, Chair


Monique Doyle, Franklin Library Board of Directors
Felicia Oti, Acting Director


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda: CB1, WER2, passed unanimously

  3. Secretary's report
  4. Motion to approve the November 2 minutes: CB1, WER2, passed unanimously

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. MaryAnn reports that she has gotten feedback from more than one Medway citizen asking why the top of our Events page talks about Franklin. Wendy toned down the initial announcement a few months ago after Ed pointed it it was old news. Felicia said we should take it off. Wendy will update the website appropriately.

  7. Budget Report
  8. Ed wants to know how much the Overdrive database cost (through Minuteman). Felidia doesn't remember how much the warrant item was for. She will get him the information.

    The State Aid money has not yet been received by the Town; it will go into the "Free Public Library" account.

  9. Director's Report
  10. Old Business
  11. MaryAnn says she did vote for more hours at our last November meeting, but after hearing staff concerns she would like to revisit it. She is concerned about how Bill and Katherine will free up 4 hours each to man the desk extra hours, and how Margaret will be able to fit it in with the rest of her work. Also, she asks why the highest paid people would be paid to man the desk. She now thinks being open the extra hours is not feasible

    Felicia says she wouldn't have brought it to the Board "if it wasn't comfortably doable." As for using highly paid people to man the desk, of course it's done here and at other libraries; in hard times, "all work as a team." Time can be freed up by implementing self-service holds and self checkout. Our very efficient volunteers can do more, perhaps helping Katherine with stamping and barcoding. We have four volunteers per day. "I have never seen a more dedicated group of volunteers. Bill has done an amazing job with them."

    MaryAnn says we need to the details of how the time will be freed up, not generalizations. She doesn't feel comfortable that Felicia understands the staffing issues. Felicia says she didn't rush into this, because she had many meetings with the staff make sure she understood their roles. MaryAnn says staff morale is low.

    Three trustees reported that employees said Felicia told them not to talk with Trustees. Felicia says she told them at the staff meeting to come to her first with problems. Ed said, "they basically think they've been given a gag order."

    Ed distributed a handout addressing his concerns.

    Director's Report: Felicia and Margaret met with librarians at the school, and it went very well. She says they will meet with the curriculum specialist to determine what to buy that has "staying power" for the next five years.

    The Friends of the Library asked Felicia at a meeting this Fall about putting up an electronic message board at the Library like the one in Dover. Felicia looked into it and said it's not a good idea; it takes staff time to update, and the money would be better spent on passes. Speaking of passes, Carol said she is working with her bank (Middlesex Savings Bank) to get some pass funding.

    Wendy asked for an update about self-service holds and self-checkout. Felicia said that the staff figured out the best place for self-service holds, and the plan is to have that and self-checkout right next to each other. We already have the computer, printer and scanner, so all we need is a touch screen monitor ($300) and the one-time license fee ($3200). After that, it will cost only about $100/year for maintenance. We plan to pay for it from money left in last year's Regionalization line item. It won't be in place by January 3, since it's been harder to find the right touch screen than expected; and it seems silly to have self-service holds before we have self-checkout. DPS will move around some shelves to make it fit.

    MaryAnn would like to know if we can spend the old Regionalization article money on what we think is most important for the Library, and asked Wendy to check with the Town Administrator.

  12. New Business: Evaluation of Franklin/Medway Intermunicipal Agreement
  13. Ed distributed a handout with his evaluation of the IMA.

    MaryAnn pointed out that Felicia's 14 hours/week plus Margaret's 19 hours/week now total 33 hours/week of library administration, but it costs more than we might otherwise spend because Felicia gets paid more. MaryAnn said Felicia has brought improvements: ideas, programs, efficiency, a staff handbook, keeping up with issues, and the new five year plan.

    At 9:15 PM, Felicia and Monique left.

    Ed would rather add the $3000/month we're spending on Felicia to the 19 hours per week at Margaret's lower pay rate to get a fulltime Director.

    Carol asked what we are getting with Felicia that we wouldn't have otherwise. We already listed some improvements (5-year plan, handbook, ideas, programs, etc) done through Felicia's time here.

    Carol asked if we would have been certified otherwise without the IMA. Yes.

    Contrasting a shared Director plus part-time Assistant versus a full time Director:

    1. Reporting lines of a non-shared Director are cleaner.
    2. With one person, there wouldn't be a question of who to go to depending on the day. We need a clear chain of command.
    3. You can't run a business or something like this with two part-timers.

    Ed said "I'm opposed to continuing." Carol said, "My bottom line is: I'm not willing to be decertified again." MaryAnn said instead of the IMA we should have the money to spend the best way on the Library.

  14. Fundraising
  15. Adjournment; next meeting January 4, 2011

Motion to adjourn ED1 CB2, passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:10 PM.

Account Acct # Start Balance Expen. To Date End Balance % Spent
Salaries - Full Time 5110 $78,926.00 $30,744.00 $48,182.00 38.95%
Salaries - Part Time 5111 $65,236.00 $24,766.22 $40,469.78 37.96%
Longevity 5150 $850.00 $850.00 $0.00 100.00%
Electricity 5211 $16,756.00 $7,095.34 $9,660.66 42.35%
Heating Fuel 5212 $8,543.00 $472.26 $8,070.74 5.53%
Trash 5232 $1,800.00 $817.09 $982.91 45.39%
Water & Sewer 5231 $400.00 $410.75 ($10.75) 102.69%
R & M Miscellaneous 5240 $1,562.00 $2,717.00 ($1,155.00) 173.94%
Telephone 5341 $1,150.00 $618.98 $531.02 53.82%
Supplies * 5400 $10,001.00 $817.77 $9,183.23 8.18%
Postage 5343 $264.00 $264.00 $0.00 100.00%
OPS - (Minuteman bill) 5380 $22,664.00 $22,667.00 ($3.00) 100.01%
Media 5427 $1.00

Books 5521 $1.00

Travel 5710 $1.00

$208,155.00 $92,240.41 $115,914.59 44.31%

Start Balance Expen. To Date Income to Date Account Bal
Memorial Donations ** 5400 $23,244.12 $16,807.92 $15,440.12 $21,876.32
Tuchinsky Fund Interest
$39,447.11 $2,106.94
Tuchinsky Fund Principal
$156.93 $103,026.04
Library Restitution Fund 024-610-706-4773 $13,195.47 $611.79 $652.41 $13,236.09
Copier & Printer Rev. Fund 024-610-722-4840 $2,399.74
$413.78 $2,813.52
Meeting Room Rev. Fund 024-610-723-4840 $1,574.18
$105.00 $1,679.18
Free Public Library 2017 $3,500.63 $931.50
$186,230.36 $20,458.15 $16,768.24 $182,540.45

* Per MUNIS - library had originally requested $1500 for supplies and an additional $13600 for R & M

** Includes Ancestry & Heritage Quest database subscriptions, & Medway's portion of the Minuteman's Overdrive purchases

Director’s Report for the month of November

I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It has been a good month for the Library with a few things worthy of mention.

Staff Meeting

On Monday November 10th, I met with the entire staff to review new circulation procedures, define staff responsibilities, request preferred methods of communication, discuss the suggestion from the Friends of the Library to implement a message board, announce new hours and new service initiatives and to listen. Staff had many helpful suggestions some of which have been implemented.

Staff expressed reservations about the message board. It will cost at least $600.00 for a computer and a good size monitor. Dover uses it for library announcements only. In addition, the director of the Dover library estimates two hours a week for maintenance and 10 or more for initial setup. While the staff welcomed the idea, they thought it’d be more responsive to meet the recurring demand from patrons for museum passes. They expressed concern with the time needed to implement and maintain the system, especially if we open more hours. They also pointed to the lack of regularly scheduled programs and events to announce. Expanding the offerings to include community events will only compound the time factor. As a result, the staff asked that we revisit the idea later and solicit funding from the Friends for the following museum passes:

Museum of Science $600.00

Aquarium $675.00

Boston Children’s Museum $700.00 and

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston $475.00

Staff would like more participation in workshops provided by Minuteman and by the Massachusetts Library system. It was agreed that Margaret will get the word out on workshops and webinars that benefit the staff.

Whiteboards and e-mail were identified as the best methods of communication among staff. Two white boards have been acquired, one in Tech services to note supplies needed and one in circulation area to share information, exchange ideas, place requests, and report building and technology issues and much more. The one in circulation has proven effective in accomplishing all of the above.

New service initiatives.

Expanded hours, self check and self service holds.

Two concerns articulated by staff.

Staff concerns about patron privacy were allayed with knowing that patrons can easily choose an alias. Minuteman has this all set up and the instructions are very simple. I also encourage staff to speak with Sandy about her experiences in Medfield with this service.

The second concern, which dealt with the lack of tasks to perform, (“having nothing to do”) was addressed by having staff lend a helping hand with processing library materials and expanded circulation duties. I will be working with Bill and Katherine to delineate these duties.

Meeting outcome

The meeting was very productive thanks to a fully engaged staff. There have been many suggestions on where to put self-service holds since the meeting. It has been heart warming for me to watch all the different scenarios emerge, the many ideas on the most cost effective way to accomplish this and everybody working together as a team. Margaret, Bill, and I will ensure a smooth transition for both the staff and the public. Publicity on the system and expanded hours is in progress.

Next logical step:

Developing a library handbook for all staff is already underway. This handbook will be comprised of quick guides on circulation processes, how to information of key library processes, best practices and emergency procedures.

Between the handbook and meetings, I have been covering the desk as needed in the evenings and on Fridays,

Other news

Meeting with the TA

Suzanne Kennedy invited Wendy and me to a meeting with her, the Town Accountant and the HR director on Monday November 22nd to review the current budget, clarify the use of library substitutes and overtime hours.

Facilities update

Wendy’s experience with vendors and past services saved the library a bundle on repairs to the fire alarm panel. When the technician from SimplexGrinnell couldn’t find the program disc he suggested three expensive solutions: charge the library to re-program the panel from scratch, get the elevator company to provide SimplexGrinnell access to the elevator shaft or leave the system as is. I checked with Wendy after my futile search for the disc. Wendy explained to the technician that we do not have the disc, and that the panel was replaced after a lightening strike about five years ago. The tech went back to research this and learned that SimplexGrinnell took the disc away in 2005 after the lightning strike and had yet to return it. The company’s records confirmed this and a technician was sent out on Wednesday 11/24/10 to complete the work at no charge and test the alarm system. All devices passed the test.

Meeting with school librarians

Margaret and I met with the school librarians on Monday November 29th to discuss school/library collaboration. We brought with us copies of the online application form and the career cruising database to distribute, and were very warmly received. The librarians had many good suggestions for sharing information and expanding publicity beyond the school’s web site and the school libraries i.e the teacher’s lounge, using the school’s public announcement system, talks with teachers, and handouts at faculty meetings and developing a homework/project alert form. They also agreed to share homework resources and volunteered to drop them off at the library.

Mary Dolan, the high school media coordinator gave us a tour of the High School Library. Margaret noticed that some of their encyclopedias are quite dated. She will offer Mary our copies as we upgrade.

Since our meeting, the librarians have already shared the Career Cruising information with the guidance department and have placed laminated copies of the flyer along with directions on how to access it by all the computers for the student’s to use. The online card application form along with basic hour’s open and directional information is being reproduced to hand out at the next faculty meeting. Mary Dolan is also working on a homework/project alert form. She will ensure assignments and project information are relayed to the library in a timely fashion.

My warmest thanks to Wendy for her expert display of this database on the website.


Bill participated in an Encore Synergy webinar on November 30th. Encore is an additional interface to the catalog (and Info Trac OneFile database). It will provide patrons the ability to integrate searching articles from Info Trac OneFile with regular catalog searches. It also includes ‘did you mean…..?’ feature for the spelling challenged, relevance ranking and much more. Bill has given staff the website to get acquainted before the Minuteman’s big launch in January. The good news is that Encore is very intuitive and makes finding and searching easy and fun. Patrons will need little or no orientation.

Handout: printed email from Ed to Wendy

From: Ed Duggan
To: Wendy Rowe
Date: Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 11:52 AM
Subject: trustees and library staff

I have been told directly and indirectly that the staff has been advised NOT talk to the trustees. I believe that trustees have a responibily to understand so of the processes of the library other than attending a monthly trustees meeting.
In no way should we be become involved in directing or interferring with the functions being performed, but asking or observering is our responibility as library trustees.
We have a part time library Director who is only there periodically when the library is open and if I am there when she is not, I feel perfectly comfortable in asking questions about some of the tasks being performed, e.g. handling the Minuteman Libray requests, the covering of books, who decides what books we buy, how do you determine what books are to be removed, what are the volunteers doing, the mechanics of checking books out,these type of mundane things that should not require phone calls and e-mails to get simple answers.

I would like to have this item dicussed at our next meeting.


59 Fisher Street
Medway, Ma. 02053

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


This current Franklin/Medway intermunicipal agreement is not providing Medway with the value or results that Medway selectmen, citizens, and library trustees envisioned when the current plan was implemented. I oppose continuing the agreement in its present format.

The use of a part-time library Director under the current plan, even though it adds value, will not, in the long run, provide Medway with the library services necessary to meet the future needs of the town.

The dollars being spent are not commensurate with what could possibly be accomplished under a more effective set of guidelines. Utilizing the same dollars would be a major support for Medway to achieve a library that our residents would take pride in as we now do with the public schools.

As with so many facets of our daily life in a complex and computer oriented society, libraries are changing. If we are to continue to serve our patrons effectively, the library must be ready to move forward proficiently with both current and new technology. We must also continue to provide activities for increased literary, reference, educational and research opportunities,

Libraries should be a vital community focal point. As stated in the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Long Range Plan 2008-2012,” Libraries should provide services of diverse geographical, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, to individuals with disabilities and to individuals with limited functional literacy or information backgrounds”.

To meet these future needs of Medway, the library needs a full-time Director to provide stability, drive, commitment, dedication, passion and ownership to Medway and for Medway.

The attributes of a Medway-focused Director are a self-starter who is motivated by accomplishments, who effectively interfaces with staff and the library trustees, meets the needs of this community and works to develop the resources needed to keep pace in an ever-changing technological society.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the support of the Library Trustees, the Selectmen, the Town Manager and the Financial Committee are requisite. A redirection of the present budget monies for “library regionalization” into the library budget will minimize any additional financial impact on the total expenditure for the town. The possible reallocation of duties within the library staff will further lessen the financial impact. A more definite plan will identify actual dollars required.

To move forward, a committee of Library Trustees should be appointed immediately to develop a presentation. Within a months time they should present a formalized plan to the Selectmen and appropriate Town Officials so that the necessary funds can be allocated to the Library Budget and included in the Town Budget.


Edward J. Duggan

Medway Library Trustee