Board of Library Trustees Meeting
November 2, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



Carol Brown
MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chair
Ed Duggan
William Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Rowe, Chair


Cindy Dobrzynski, Chair, Franklin Library Board of Directors
Monique Doyle, member, Franklin Library Board of Directors
Felicia Oti, Acting Director


  1. Approval of agenda (available online through Trustees link)
  2. Motion to approve the agenda: MAC1, CB2, passed unanimously

  3. Secretary's report
  4. Motion to approve the October Secretary's report: CB1, WLR2, passed unanimously

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. Budget Report
  7. Director's Report
  8. The preschool fair was a success. 50 parents came. Many saw it on the library's website.

    Felicia was pleased with her meeting with Dr Evans, the Medway School Superintendent. This will lead to generally good communications all around. Monique suggested meeting with the High School librarian and this is apparently in the works already.

    Felicia will talk with Meena about the library card procedure. The new library card application form is on the school website now.

    There was a discussion of adding a day of grace to the patron borrowing privileges. This sounds religious but is not. Basically the fine won't start accruing until the work day after the due date. This simplifies staff procedures.

    The trustees all felt it was a good idea and as it's in the purview of the director there was no need for a vote.

  9. Old Business
  10. New Business
    1. Library Hours
    2. We will be open from 10-2 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then will be open as usual that Friday and Saturday

      More importantly, Felicia would like to extend the hours open come January. The idea is to be open 10-8 on Monday and Tuesday and leave the other days untouched. This brings us up to the magic 40 hours, as Wendy pointed out, positioning us to get the full state aid again in the future.

      This would be accomplished without changing staff working hours. Currently adequate staff are in the building Monday and Tuesday, but have been doing their non-patron facing work at that time.

      Morning hours are much requested. Felicia would like to start a play group and to get the school reading specialist to come, in which morning hours will help.

      The obvious concern expressed by MaryAnn was how would the staff manage the work they're currently doing while the library is closed.

      The hope is that labor saving procedure changes will reduce the work. An example is having some of the new books covered by our vendor. This would only add $250 to our current materials expenditure.

      There was a discussion of self-service holds. These are apparently popular elsewhere. The materials on hold are accessible to the patrons who can find their books and take them to check out. The only problem other libraries have reported is that some patrons are under the impression that the materials are already checked out.

      MaryAnn expressed a concern for privacy. A person might not want it publicly known what they're requesting. This is handled by allowing the patron to select a code phrase which is used on the slip on the book on the reserved rack. The patron obviously has to remember their code phrase.

      This will need to be publicized somehow.

      Some work can be shifted to the evening hours when the pace is slower and the living is easy.

      For scheduling purposes, Felicia would like to ask the staff for their schedules at other jobs rather than just asking when they're available. This should lead to a more fair means of determining when they can work.

      MaryAnn was concerned that this might seem hostile and invasive. She preferred asking them for their availability rather than their schedule.

      Felicia intends to be tactful and considerate and it was left to her judgement.

      Felicia has applications from 3 subs.

      Felicia originally was going to publicize the new hours as running from January through June with the implication being that they might not be able to continue beyond this fiscal year.

      It was thought better to leave the end unstated. The obvious hope is that they'll be a success and we'll continue them next year.

      As the trustees all thought this (4 extra hours Monday and Tuesday) sounded like a good and workable idea:

      Motion to adopt the new hours as discussed (10-8 Monday & Tuesday, other days unchanged): CB1, WLR2. Passed unanimously

    3. Open Meeting Law workshop report
    4. The secretary's report needs to be available on demand 10 days after the meeting, but he then has a few days grace after the request so he can type it up frantically and doesn't need to mend his shiftless ways.

      It's not OK for the chair to ask the Trustees to give her their opinions about something via email or other means, even if she does not respond and only assembles the responses and presents them at the meeting. However, a non-Board member could collect the responses, edit them, and send the result out to the Board.

    5. Plan for evaluating Franklin/Medway Director sharing
    6. Ed felt that it was important to discuss this at the December meeting, January is too late. Wendy will put this on the December agenda.

      There is no reason this needs to be in a closed session since it is an evaluation of the intermunicipal sharing rather than a performance evaluation of the Director.

  11. Fundraising
  12. The Friends booksale was a success, brought in roughly $5000

    Will add Ted Seager to the donor plaque and Wendy will mail him a heartfelt thankyou note.

    The Friends are still interested in buying us a flatscreen & laptop to be used in displaying announcements (ala Dover). Felicia will make a road trip to see what Dover's is really like.

    The Friends would like more feedback as to what they can do for us.

    Chuck is reportedly in touch with Barnes and Noble

  13. Adjournment; next meeting December 7 2010
  14. 9 PM, motion to adjourn: CB1, MAC2, passed unanimously

Director’s Report – October 2010

Outreach Efforts

1. Partnering with the Medway Public Schools

On October the 26th, I met with Dr. Judith Evans, Superintendent of Schools, to explore strategies for working together. Harnessing our limited resources would be beneficial because:

Dr Evans was very gracious and receptive to my many requests, which included:

I left the meeting with a large amount of new information; contact information for the key personnel I requested and others of which I was not aware - Director and community liaison for the homeless. Dr Evans also granted the Library full access to all the school’s communication mechanism and sent out an introductory e-mail to key staff. I have already received feedback from two key staff. The Early Childhood Coordinator and Principal of the Middle School and have contacted me.

Suggestions from Dr Evans:

2. Proposal for gaming collection

Alex Brenock, the Girl Scout responsible for pajama story time would like to initiate a gaming collection of educational toys at the Medway Public Library as part of her gold standard requirement. I have reviewed the proposal with key staff, evaluated the space needed and staff time and concluded that the library would benefit greatly from Alex’s efforts.

3. Department of Public Services- Town of Medway

Going forward, the Town of Medway’s Department of Public Services (DPS) will assume responsibility for building maintenance and for implementing capital projects. The month of October has been spent conducting a thorough audit of the building and vendors, and responding to work orders. Wendy Rowe’s elastic knowledge of the history of this building and it’s systems has been instrumental to both DPS and library. Thanks Wendy.

Our Capital Priorities:

1. New HVAC Controls, Thermostats

2. Repoint Exterior Brick masonry

3. Replace Computers & printers

4. Replace Carpet in high traffic areas

5. Refurbish existing furniture

6. New roof shingle & gutters

Circulation policy request:

Add a day of grace to borrowing privileges.

Account Acct # Start Balance Expen. To Date End Balance % Spent
Salaries - Full Time 5110 $78,926.00 $24,696.00 $54,230.00 31.29%
Salaries - Part Time 5111 $65,236.00 $19,634.45 $45,601.55 30.10%
Longevity 5150 $850.00
$850.00 0.00%
Electricity 5211 $16,756.00 $5,715.02 $11,040.98 34.11%
Heating Fuel 5212 $8,543.00 $214.05 $8,328.95 2.51%
Trash 5232 $1,800.00 $817.09 $982.91 45.39%
Water & Sewer 5231 $400.00 $410.75 ($10.75) 102.69%
R & M Miscellaneous 5240 $1,562.00 $2,312.00 ($750.00) 148.02%
Telephone 5341 $1,150.00 $373.19 $776.81 32.45%
Supplies * 5400 $10,001.00 $671.12 $9,329.88 6.71%
Postage 5343 $264.00 $264.00 $0.00 100.00%
OPS - (Minuteman bill) 5380 $22,664.00 $22,667.00 ($3.00) 100.01%
Media 5427 $1.00

Books 5521 $1.00

Travel 5710 $1.00

$208,155.00 $77,774.67 $130,380.33 37.36%

Start Balance Expen. To Date Income to Date Account Bal
Memorial Donations ** 5400 $22,331.81 $11,786.98 $15,315.66 $25,860.49
Tuchinsky Fund Interest

Tuchinsky Fund Principal
$117.36 $102,986.47
Library Restitution Fund 024-610-706-4773 $13,010.52 $469.87 $522.56 $13,063.21
Copier & Printer Rev. Fund 024-610-722-4840 $2,399.74
$323.34 $2,723.08
Meeting Room Rev. Fund 024-610-723-4840 $1,574.18
$105.00 $1,679.18
Free Public Library 2017 $3,500.63 $634.00
$185,133.10 $12,890.85 $16,383.92 $188,626.17

* Per MUNIS - library had originally requested $1500 for supplies and an additional $13600 for R & M

** Includes Ancestry & Heritage Quest database subscriptions, & Medway's portion of the Minuteman's Overdrive purchases