Board of Library Trustees Meeting
April 6, 2010

7:00 p.m. Sanford Hall, Medway Town Hall; joint meeting with Board of Selectmen

Trustees in attendance:

Carol Brown
MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chair
Ed Duggan
William Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Rowe, Chair

Selectmen in attendance:

Dennis Crowley
Rich Dunne
Andy Espinosa, Chair
John Foresto
Glenn Trindade


At Andy's request, each Trustee present gave his or her opinion regarding how well this year's experiment has gone, with examples of what went well and what didn't.

See the section from the Selectmen's minutes here

Afterwards, Dennis asked for a straw poll as to whether the Trustees would be in favor of continuing the experiment for another year. Carol, Ed, Bill and Wendy said yes. MaryAnn said no.

In response to Wendy's suggestion that having a full time Assistant to the Director would make things run more smoothly (similar to having a Principal for each school and a Superintendent to oversee several), Rich asked what it would cost to increase the Assistant to the Director to full time. Wendy agreed to get that cost for them.

Trustee meeting recessed, to reconvene 8:00 p.m. at the Library.

8:00 p.m. Medway Public Library Conference Room



Carol Brown
MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chair
Ed Duggan
Wendy Rowe, Chair

  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Rather than approving the agenda, the Trustees opted to act on the one item requiring a motion tonight and to spend the rest of the time in an open-ended discussion of regionalization.

  3. Approve more realistic expenditure limits in ATM warrant articles reauthorizing 2 revolving accounts
  4. This is how they will be printed in the FinCom book (changed earlier due to a printing deadline); approving them now will save time before ATM. As always the revolving fund amounts may be changed before or at the Town Meeting

    Motion to approve the ATM warrants as sent out with the agenda: MAC1, CB2. passed unanimously

  5. Followup discussion re Regionalization
  6. Regarding the BOS joint meeting, Carol said, "I think it was a good meeting" and MaryAnn replied, "I agree. I really think they listened."

    Regarding the joint effort with Franklin:

    Carol wonders how invoicing works (who approves what, how to track expenditures). This is an area in need of work. So far, all we see is a quarterly spending report (only one so far, back in November); which is OK for the Director since it's a fixed cost, but maintenance varies depending on additional services requested (e.g. repairs).

    Ed says he thinks the "Citizens Speak" section of our agenda should be the only time when members of Franklin's Library Board of Directors should speak at our meetings, same as how people at BOS meetings don't join in discussions among the Selectmen. MaryAnn agreed.

    Ed wants our Board to "make the bullets" listing what goes into the InterMunicipal Agreement (IMA).

    Ed wants our Board to get copies of the revised job descriptions we approved for negotiation and inclusion in the upcoming contract talks. We saw drafts and approved them after hearing in general about the changes made with Sue Ellis, but we do not have our own copies. Wendy wonders whether this must wait until after the contract is approved, but Ed pointed out we already approved them so why couldn't we have a copy of what we approved? Wendy will look into this.

    MaryAnn wants to know which town is paying for the time Felicia spends planning for Franklin's part in next year's regionalization plan, Franklin or Medway?

    "Collaboration" needs to be specifically called for in the FY11 IMA because we want more of it.

    Grantwriting is one big possible area for more regionalized work next year. How many grants has Felicia written and/or administered?

    MaryAnn suggests we hire Felicia as a consultant; she says that would be clearer than calling her a "Library Director" since she isn't doing the bulk of a Library Director's work yet. It's confusing. For instance, would she be in charge of hiring and firing Medway Library employees?

    Wendy told the Trustees to brainstorm and be ready at the May meeting to come up with a list of what they'd like to see as priorities in the IMA.

  7. Next Meeting May 4 2010

Motion to adjourn (9:55), MAC1, ED2, passed unanimously

Selectmen's minutes of their meeting with the Library Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees arrived at 7pm

This meeting is to get some input from the Trustees pertaining to the budget and the part that was aimed at regionalizing and input on regionalizing, if the money was well spent, is that part of this budget moving forward and what is the future of Medway Public Library.

Selectman Dunne explained the money in question is in a monetary article not part of the budget.

Each Trustee gave some opinions on the regionalization process.

Bill Roberts-planning is underway and going well. Mr. Roberts still believes it would have been a better decision to contract Felicia for planning services rather than for Director and planning services.

Ed Duggan would like to ensure that the regionalization objectives of the Board of Selectmen are the same as the objectives of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Duggan believes that the sharing of services works very well. The building services are working out well but the working hours that Felicia works should be more in Medway, she currently works 4 hours a week in Medway. The Trustees have seen pieces of the regionalization plan, but not a complete draft plan and they had thought they would be further along than they are. His vision is that Felicia take more direction from Medway Library Board of Trustee and more hours working in Medway.

Mary Ann Cabibbo- Asked the Selectmen what their goals in regionalization are. Chairman Espinosa explained we are looking to regionalize to help maintain a stand alone library and Selectman Dunne explained the cost of $500k a year is what we are looking at in order to fund a stand alone library...

Carol Brown-Believes this has been an awkward transition and there is a need to better define the objectives. Her task is the long range plan and we need to have her there more. Carol is in favor of regionalization. There is no framework, we need some better vision.

Wendy Rowe-Styles of different trustees in Franklin/Medway was difficult but things have eased. The sharing of books went flawlessly, cleaning services has been working. Having a director only 14 hours has been really difficult. It doesn't work to have a PT Director and PT Assistant Director, a full time Director or a full time Assist Director would make more sense. Felicia has told Wendy she will receive the final draft long range plan by the end of the fiscal year.

Selectman Crowley asked the Trustees if key points (hours and working with Medway more) were worked out with Franklin would the Library Trustees be willing to go forward for another year. Wendy, Carol, Ed and Bill all agreed.

Administrator Kennedy explained that regionalization of other types of services in some other communities have taken 2 years before the ball started moving forward. Mr. Nutting expressed an interest in having a consultant come in and discuss governance, which is a big issue in the process. The trustees needs and visions should be made clear.

The main purpose of this meeting was to get an understanding of the situation.

Wendy Rowe requested that talks be arranged with the Town Administrator to clarify the points mentioned and these points should be included in the next municipal agreement.

Selectman Crowley thinks it would be beneficial to have bullet points of the items the Trustees would like to accomplish and set some goals and include how to achieve and when the goals are achieved.

Sue Ellis, HR Director was present to talk about her feelings as they relate to the Library Regionalization project.

Warrant Articles

ARTICLE: To determine whether the Town will vote to re-authorize a revolving fund for the Medway Public Library as provided for in M.G.L. Chapter 44, Section 53E-1/2. Said fund to have the following

  1. The fund would be used for public copy machine and printer expenses.
  2. The revenue from the fund would come from printer use collections and public copy machine revenues.
  3. The Board of Library Trustees would administer the fund and authorize the expenditure of monies in the fund.
  4. The limit on the amount to be expended from the fund would be $1000.

Or to act in any manner relating thereto.


ARTICLE: To determine whether the Town will vote to re-authorize a revolving fund for the Medway Public Library as provided for in M.G.L. Chapter 44, Section 53E-1/2. Said fund to have the following restrictions.

  1. The fund would be used for meeting room maintenance, repairs and upgrades.
  2. The revenue from the fund would come from meeting room use fees.
  3. The Board of Library Trustees would administer the fund and authorize the expenditure of monies in the fund.
  4. The limit on the amount to be expended from the fund would be $500.

Or to act in any manner relating thereto.

Assistant to the Director’s Report – March, 2010

Completed a budget spreadsheet requested by the Town Administrator. Information essentially the same as what I had entered in MUNIS, in a different format.

Talked with staff individually to clarify leave accruals. Submitted my computations of leave accrued and used for each staff member to Town Hall – have not yet heard back.

Completed the Massachusetts Library System Supply and Materials Cooperative forms estimating materials expenditures through the Cooperative for FY11. Katherine completed the supply estimates.

SimplexGrinnell believes that we need to replace the Fire Alarm panel, because some of the parts are obsolete. Talked at length to salesman. Obtained an estimate of $9890.45. Asked Town Administrator how she would like us to proceed, and she recommended talking to Fire Chief. The Fire Chief questioned whether replacement is necessary. At his request, I gave him contact information for the salesman at SimplexGrinnell, and he is going to follow up.

Burglar alarm went off several times in one day, and then once each of two following days, pointing to trouble in Story Hour room. Discovered that trouble indicator for heat detector in elevator shaft is on in panel in Story Hour room, but this turned out to be unrelated. Put in service call to SimplexGrinnell – it turned out that the heat detector in the elevator shaft has been removed (to meet new code, since the detectors are difficult to clean), probably at the last inspection, but they did not reprogram the panel. He was unable to find the backup software for the panel, and is going to look at SimplexGrinnell for a copy. Emailed Dave D’Amico to ask why SimplexGrinnell did not reprogram at the time of inspection – have not heard back yet.

Contacted the burglar alarm monitoring company, Independent Security, who confirmed that the fire and burglar alarm are not connected in any way. If burglar alarm goes off again, they will check it out, but they said it was probably a piece of paper blowing or something similar.

Water Safety Services, a contractor for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, came to inspect the sprinkler system. Could not confirm that all works without having fire alarm turned off. They asked to have Independent Piping coordinate a return visit with them. Contacted Independent Piping, who suggested having Fire Department take care of it. Talked to Fire Chief, who agreed to send someone to turn off alarm during test. The test was conducted and it is a problem with the valve – it needs to be cleaned out. Independent Piping will come out, probably this week.

Coordinating with Medway Community Farm and Lorie for April display and possibly story time.

Coordinated Ingrid Grenon’s two programs – poetry reading & horse care. Seven people attended each program – received very positive feedback.

Met with town’s Information Systems Director, Richard Boucher to discuss technology plans. The town will have installed fiber by August. The library will get a new phone system, using Voice over IP. Richard will reimage Katherine’s computer, on which I have been fighting repeated attacks by Trojans.

Technology office has to move out of high school. I suggested to Wendy and to Richard that moving technology office to library might be a possibility.

Attended Membership Committee meeting. Changes: DVD’s older than 6 months (formerly 1 year) will be requestable, and will be sent through Delivery. Patrons will be able to change their address without verification. E-commerce chargebacks (online payment of fines/lost books) – will add a note to patrons record. Chargebacks < $5.00 will not be investigated. The library regions (not networks) will be consolidated, with offices for next year in Whately and Waltham. There should be no change in delivery for the next year. Email retention discussion: Minuteman does not have capability of storing a large number of emails for two years.

Completed list of how much time I spend on various areas of responsibility, as requested by Felicia.

-Margaret Perkins

Budget Report

Account Acct # Start Balance Expen. To Date End Balance % Spent
Salaries - Full Time 5110 $78,926.00 $58,373.28 $20,552.72 73.96%
Salaries - Part Time 5111 $64,565.00 $45,566.19 $18,998.81 70.57%
Longevity 5150 $600.00 $850.00 ($250.00) 141.67%
Electricity 5211 $17,173.00 $9,873.48 $7,299.52 57.49%
Heating Fuel 5212 $8,222.00 $5,564.75 $2,657.25 67.68%
Trash 5232
$1,634.18 ($1,634.18)
Water & Sewer 5231
$321.55 ($321.55)
R & M Miscellaneous 5240 $11,962.00 $9,705.19 $2,256.81 81.13%
Telephone 5341 $1,150.00 $957.77 $192.23 83.28%
Supplies 5400
$1,275.29 ($1,275.29)
Postage 5343 $252.00 $218.00 $34.00 86.51%
OPS - (Minuteman bill) 5380 $19,892.00 $19,831.39 $60.61 99.70%


Instate travel

$202,742.00 $154,171.07 $48,570.93 76.04%

Start Balance Expen. To Date Income to Date Account Bal
Memorial Donations 5400 $49,688.54 $21,605.47 $1,789.15 $29,872.22
Tuchinsky Fund Interest
$39,525.94 $1,582.54
Tuchinsky Fund Principal
$351.84 $103,220.95
Library Restitution Fund 024-610-706-4773 $12,827.98 $207.53 $986.35 $13,606.80
Copier & Printer Rev. Fund 024-610-722-4840 $1,436.39
$677.70 $2,114.09
Meeting Room Rev. Fund 024-610-723-4840 $964.18
$400.00 $1,364.18
Free Public Library 2017 $0.00

$207,312.14 $23,395.54 $4,205.04 $188,121.64