Board of Library Trustees Meeting
May 5, 2009

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe, Chair


Margaret Perkins
Paul Marble, Fin Com Representative
Ed Duggan, Trustee Candidate
Carol Brown, Trustee Candidate


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve agenda: MAC1, WLR2, passed unanimously

  3. Secretary's report
  4. As an after thought, motion to approve last April's minutes: MAC1, WLR2, passed unanimously

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. Budget Report
  7. Acting Director's Report
  8. Assistant to the Director's Report
  9. Margaret passed out the budget report. We're on track.

    She said she was going to start weeding the mysteries. The Secretary is resisting the urge to think of something smart to say concerning unexplained disappearances and bound bodies turning up in the basement.

  10. Old business
  11. New Business
  12. Fundraising
  13. Next Meeting June 2 2009; includes reorganization (election of officers)

Motion to adjourn (8:20), MAC1, WLR2, passed unanimously