Board of Library Trustees Meeting
January 8, 2008

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman
Elliott Edwards
Meena Jain
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe, Chairman


Margaret Perkins


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda. MAC1, WLR2, passed unanimously

  3. Secretary's report
  4. Motion to approve the Dec 11, 2007 minutes. MAC1, WLR2, passed unanimously

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. Citizen Margaret spoke up. She is representing us on a Minuteman planning committee. She asked for suggestions.

  7. Budget Report
  8. We're spending our windfall. Wendy is looking for mold quotes.

  9. Acting Director's Report
  10. Old business
  11. New Business
  12. Fundraising
  13. The Coffee Sensations would welcome a bookshelf with for sale books.

    The Odd Fellows are eager to host more dinners. We'd have to pay for food this time. The idea is to have one soon and then have one in the fall (in conjunction with the booksale) replete with an auction. Chuck will contact them.

    Meena's arranged for a book fair at Barnes&Noble next December (December 11 & 12). She's interested in people who could do stuff (stuff of some general interest that is) at the event.

  14. Next Meeting: Tues Feb 5 7pm

Motion to adjourn (8:30), MAC1, CR2, passed unanimously