Board of Library Trustees Meeting
Jan 30, 2007

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman
Meena Jain
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe, Chairman


Margaret Perkins
Bill Hoffman


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda: MAC1, MJ2, passed unanimously

  3. Decertification
    1. Hours
    2. Suggested hours are: MW 2-6, TH 4-8, Fr 10-2

      Will lock the doors 15 minutes prior to closing as before, allowing patrons to check out materials, but no new patrons to enter.

      These hours will allow Lorie to do children's programs on Wednesday at 1, an hour before the library officially opens. Lorie's time is being paid by a generous donation.

      The later MW openings also allows more people to come after work.

      Motion to accept hours as stated above: CR1, MJ2, passed unanimously

    3. Staffing
    4. Lorie's hours are getting reduced to 15 or 16. She has another job on Friday. We are going to hang onto Sandy Dobday for 4 hours on Friday. The sum of their hours will likely be 19, but possibly 20. The issue is that this is salary funding.

    5. Service (ours and others)
    6. The wheels are inexorably in motion. No surrounding towns will let Medway residents check out stuff come decertification.

      There's some confusion about computer use. Franklin wishes to prevent Medway residents from accessing the databases Franklin pays for. If Minuteman can facilitate this restriction, Franklin will let Medway residents use their computers for other purposes, otherwise their computers will be off limits. Millis will let Medway residents use their computers via a guest card as long as no Millis resident is waiting.

      The policy we voted on last meeting, of only serving non-residents who physically manifest themselves on the premises, can indeed be implemented. We will still be able to fill Medway residents' web requests for our materials.

      Every time Medway residents try to check something out a cautionary dialog will open. This is useful for surrounding towns as they don't want to serve us, not so useful for us, as we do. Can't be helped.

      There was a discussion of the old 20th century style inter-library loan. Our staff can make requests for materials through our regional library (Wellesley) and they will try to fullfil these requests. Amusingly, materials will likely come from out-of-state as no in-state library will want to have anything to do with us.

    7. Publicity
    8. Anything else before Thursday's MBLC vote?
  4. B&N Book Fair March 9-23
  5. Museum pass discussion (Discovery Museum)
  6. It was the clear sense of the Trustees that the Friends should not renew these passes as they come due. The money should get spent on materials and other vital expenses.

  7. Next Regular Meeting Tues Feb 6, 2007
  8. Motion to adjourn (8:34), CR1, MJ2, passed unanimously