Board of Library Trustees Special Meeting
May 17, 2006

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library


MaryAnn Cabibo
Phyllis Cerel
Patrick Marshall, Director
Meena Jain
William Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Rowe (arrived at 8:30), Chairman

Trustee meeting was held in conjunction with an open meeting for citizens to discuss the proposed library closure.

After the meeting the trustees convened to discuss asking the Selectmen to approve an Override initiative targetted for the library.

The override could not take place until after Town Meeting.

Since the override happens after Town Meeting, the attempt to fund the library within existing revenues would still have to be made at Town Meeting. There would be alternate budget lines that would take effect if the override succeeded.

Patrick said that if Town Meeting fails to fund the library within the current (no-override) budget, he will have to initiate closing it, stopping checkouts, trying to get lent materials back, sending out termination notices to the staff, etc. The 2 weeks between Town Meeting and July 1 is hardly long enough for what needs to be done.

Reasons for the Override:

Reasons not to ask for an override include:

There was a discussion of the amount. Whether to ask for what we got this fiscal year, which won't go as far next due to raises. Or to ask for enough to be certified without a waiver ($400,000). It was generally felt to ask for the larger number but be willing to reduce it.


Motion to ask the Selectmen to put an override for $400,000 on the ballot. (PC1, MJ2) passed. PC, MJ & WR in favor, WLR & MAC opposed.

Motion to adjourn (9:32PM) (MAC1, MJ2) passed unanimously.