Board of Library Trustees Meeting
May 10, 2005

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo
Phyllis Cerel
David Cole
Patrick Marshall
William Roberts
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe


William Hoffman


  1. Library Trustee Reorganization

    1. Patrick brought Trustees to order at 7:10
    2. Motion to nominate Wendy as Chairman. (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously
    3. Wendy took over
    4. Motion to nominate Bill as secretary. (MAC1,DC2) passed unanimously
    5. Motion to nominate MaryAnn as vice chairman. (DC1, WLR2)
    6. Trustees have once again risen from the ashes

  2. Approval of May 10, 2005 agenda

  3. Motion to approve the agenda without the Director's Contract

  4. Secretary’s report

  5. Motion to approve the minutes of the April 5th Library Trustees meeting. (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously.

    Motion to approve minutes of April 19th special Library Trustees meeting with numerous corrections. (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously

  6. Citizens Speak

  7. Have had letters of support including one from Ellen McQuire. Recieved a donation in the name of Lillian Jones. Recieved a $150 donation from the Medway Newcomers.

    Got a letter from the lawyer who handled the Tuchinsky donation reminding us that it was given without strings. Problem with that is that we need money of the right sort, ie. money from the town to maintain certification.

  8. Budget Report

  9. Chuck said he'd talked to Jim McGovern, our Congressman. Jim suggested asking private companies for for donations. Said he would check on state funds.

    Patrick said he'd gotten a reconciliation for the Free Public and Revolving accounts and they were mostly right.

    $199 has turned up in the Library Renovation Account. This needs to go back to the town like we thought it had.

  10. Director’s Report

  11. Staff morale is understandably low. Thus the seriousness of the chocolate shortage. Wendy will address later.

  12. Old business

    1. The Budget update

  13. New Business

    1. Signing of Warrants

    2. Motion to authorize the chairman to approve the bills on behalf of the Trustees - (DC1, MC2) passed unanimously

      Motion to authorize Director to have $1000 signatory authority. (DC1, MAC2) passed unanimously.

    3. Next Meeting June 8th, 2005

      This is the Wednesday after Town Meeting.

    4. Adjournment 8:45

    5. Motion to adjourn. (DC1, MAC2) passed unanimously

    Director’s Report

    May 10, 2005 Trustees Meeting

    (April 2005 activity)

    The FY 06 budget took center stage for April. It will more than likely be the center of attention for May and June as well. The staff is very nervous and apprehensive about the immediate future and with good reason. The recommendation to close the library by the Selectmen and Finance Committee has been a blow to morale and hard to deal with.

    As most of you know, I feel the budget process has been a joke regarding the library. Only after much public outcry and staff input have members of the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee come to discuss the budget with me. I feel that many of the meetings attended by the Trustees and myself have been attacks on us and handled very unprofessionally. Many of the questions asked and statements made at these meetings could have been handled better by the various Town Hall Boards allowing us to deal with the situation more positively.

    I am very appreciative of the support from the Board of Trustees as well as the library staff. The support from all of you has helped me immensely as I try to weave my way through the murkiness of Medway politics.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Patrick W Marshall

    Budget Report (as of 5/4/05)
    Medway Public Library
    Trustees Meeting 5/10/05
    Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance

    Longevity $900.00 $800.00 $100.00

    Salaries Full Time $157,622.00 $98,583.31 $59,038.69

    Salaries Part Time $114,174.00 $125,960.31 $(11,786.31)

    Electricity $13,600.00 $12,433.18 $1,166.82

    Heating Fuel $6,200.00 $7,117.04 $(917.04)

    Water & Sewer $500.00 $368.97 $131.03

    Trash $1,100.00 $1,178.54 $(78.54)

    R &M Miscellaneous $5,000.00 $5,295.98 $(295.98)

    Telephone $1,650.00 $1,390.26 $259.74

    Postage $650.00 $444.00 $206.00

    Other Purchased Services $3,300.00 $2,896.48 $403.52

    Supplies $6,000.00 $4,183.88 $1,816.12

    Books /Periodicals $48,000.00 $38,156.46 $9,843.54

    Media Materials $6,950.00 $7,342.22 $(392.22)

    Dues, Subscriptions, Meetings $350.00 $846.50 $(496.50)

    In State Travel $550.00 $511.56 $38.44

    Total $366,546.00 $307,508.69 $59,037.31

    Start Balance Expen. To date Income to date Account Bal
    Revolving Fund $26,293.78 $22,500.00 $21,107.32 $24,901.10

    Memorial Donations $5,560.84 $2,653.44 $475.00 $3,382.40

    Free Public Library $58,283.06 $18,460.38 $17,667.82 $57,490.50