Board of Library Trustees Meeting
June 1, 2005

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman
Phyllis Cerel
Patrick Marshall
William Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Rowe, Chairman


Katherine Buday
Joanne Cutler
Muriel Bulman


  1. Franklin, Milford and Millis are among the towns who have told us they will not serve us if we are decertified but have not sent letters yet. Medfield, Norfolk and Bellingham are the only nearby towns yet to tell us what action they would take. Will ask for letters so we'll know by Town Meeting.

  2. Current status is that Fincom is recommending we get $139,000 more via a slight of hand involving increased funding for the schools from the state.

    There's the prospect of various other funds which will bring the budget within striking distance of waiverability.

    It was the trustees general opinion (via a straw poll) that we should try for certification level funding ($365) on the floor. Wendy said she'd mostly likely try to get the money from Stabilization, though that's a ridiculous way to fund core town services.

    Wendy said that if Fincom proposed funding us within waiving distance of that, she was going to keep quiet.

  3. Motion to authorize the Chairman to negotiate and sign the Director's contract before July 1. (PC1, MAC2) Passed unanimously

  4. Adjournment - 8:50PM

  5. Motion to adjourn. (MC1, PC2) passed unanimously