Board of Library Trustees Meeting
Aug 23, 2005

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman
David Cole
Patrick Marshall, Director
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe, Chairman


Lorie Brownell
Joanne Cutler
William Hoffman
Nina Hunt
Claire Quinn
Danielle Williamson, Milford Daily News


  1. Approval of Aug 23, 2005 agenda

    Motion to approve agenda: (DC1, WLR2) passed unanimously

  2. Secretary’s report

    Motion to approve August 2 minutes: (DC1, MAC2) passed unanimously

  3. Citizens Speak

  4. Citizens were taciturn during this segment of the meeting. Became voluble later on.

  5. Expense Report

  6. Director’s Report

  7. The Town Administrator told Patrick she will not implement the out-going Town Administrator's reducing hours memo.

    The Cole Room air conditioning is partially fixed. It's limited to 1 stage at the moment.

    The Friends have purchased people counters for the library's doors. Walter installed them a week ago. Folks are coming in at a 350 per day clip. More patrons are using the front doors than Patrick expected.

    Patrick has a town Department Heads meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug 24) morning.

    Patrick is on vacation 9/19 through 9/25.

  8. Old business

    1. FY 06 Budget

    2. FY 06 Service Hours

    3. Patrick presented 3 options for service hours. He refrained from offering an opinion, preferring to let the Trustees make up their own minds.

      The meeting recessed at 7:24 so the Chairman could call Trustee Phyllis Cerel, who indicated at the 8/2 meeting that she would be able to attend tonight. The meeting was called back to order at 7:26 after the Chairman left a message on her answering machine.

      Wendy then went around the room asking the Trustees what they thought.

      David felt offering Saturday and evening hours were worth the tight scheduling and the risk of having to close the library because someone was sick. His preferences were for options 3,2, then 1

      Bill & Wendy liked Saturdays but felt that schedule was too aggressive. They felt evening hours were important enough to warrant the risks of Option 2. Thus they were for option 2, then 1.

      MaryAnn and Chuck were worried about stress and the risks of unexpected closings and went for Option 1.

      In discussion, the staff present (ie. the Citizens) expressed strong preferences for Option 1. This generally led David, Bill and Wendy to reluctantly favor Option 1 as well.

      In order to preserve the glimmer of the possibility of a waiver, Option 1's hours were stretched to 40 (from 38) by opening at 10:30 2 days and opening at 12 instead of 1 Tuesday.

      The second evening open was switched to Thursday from Wednesday.

      Chairman wants to revisit the scheduled hours later in the year to see if with experience we can't open a 3rd evening.

      Motion: Effective Sept 6 library hours will be: Monday 10-5:30, Tuesday 10-8, Wednesday 10-5:30, Thursday 12-8, Friday 10-5. (DC1, CR2) passed unanimously.

      There was a brief discussion of meetings. Patrick and Walter will cover those meetings in September affected by the above schedule. After September we will only book meetings on Tuesday and Thursday. A 7 o'clock meeting can only last til 7:45. This will inevitably lead to a great increase in meeting efficiency.

  9. New Business

  10. Next Meeting Sep 6, 2005

    Will leave Sep 6 posted. Likely will not need it. Next meeting date after is unclear as SOME lucky Trustees are vacating the town in early October, for Hawaii and England.

  11. Adjournment 8:33 PM

    Motion to adjourn: (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously.

Suggested Service Hours Medway Public Library 2005
The following hours are presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration.
Option 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Put together by Library Staff Total Hrs

10-5 10-8 1-8 10-5 10-5 Closed 38
Pros Least disruptive with absenses, Staff put this together, Full service
Cons Below required 40hrs, no Saturdays

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Option 2 Put together by Director Total Hrs

10-5 1-8 10-8 10-8 10-5 Closed 41
Pros Open required 40 hrs, open 3 eves
Cons Only 2 staff per eve so if one out, coverage may be hard/ No satrudays

Option 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Put together by Director Total Hrs

10-5 10-8 10-5 1-8 10-5 10-2 42
Pros Open required 40, open Saturdays (Oct - May)
Cons Major staff upheaval, either short staff on Sat or short staff during week as need

to have Saturday staff take time off during week

NOTE If open Saturdays, request to be opne from Columbus Day weekend until

Memorial Day Weekend. Also, closed Dec 24 and 31, 2005. Please note also

that Saturdays have been short staffed for years with only 2 people working

circulation is too busy for that now. Minimum of 3 people needed which will result

in serious staff shortages during week as staff working Sat must take time off

during the week. (Years past, salary funding included addtl Sat hours)

Budget Report
Medway Public Library
FY 06
Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance
Longevity $500.00 $- $500.00
Salaries Full Time $156,744.00 $17,329.29 $139,414.71
Salaries Part Time $83,545.00 $21,246.29 $62,298.71
Electricity $14,600.00 $2,265.62 $12,334.38
Heating Fuel $8,000.00 $91.40 $7,908.60
Water & Sewer $350.00 $12.12 $337.88
Trash $1,200.00 $- $1,200.00
R &M Miscellaneous $7,000.00 $314.04 $6,685.96
Telephone $1,850.00 $161.62 $1,688.38
Postage $450.00 $- $450.00
Other Purchased Services $1,500.00 $264.00 $1,236.00
Supplies $3,500.00 $189.66 $3,310.34
Books /Periodicals $3,137.00 $- $3,137.00
Media Materials $1,000.00 $- $1,000.00
Dues, Subscriptions, Meetings $500.00 $- $500.00
In State Travel $850.00 $- $850.00
Total $284,726.00 $41,874.04 $242,851.96

Start Balance Expen. To date Income to date Account Bal
Revolving Fund $28,968.35 $22,500.00 $2,551.66 $9,020.01

Memorial Donations $3,949.10 $- $200.00 $4,149.10

Free Public Library $52,730.48 $6,874.44 $- $45,856.04

Tuchinsky Fund