26 High Street
Medway, MA 02053

Minutes of the Board of Library Trustees Meeting

Mar 2, 2004, 7:30 PM


    MaryAnn Cabibbo
    Madalyn Corbett
    David Cole, Vice Chairman
    Patrick Marshall, Director (
arrived 7:42)
    William Roberts, Secretary
    Wendy Rowe, Chairman
    Richard Zytka


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda: (DC1, MAC2), passed unanimously.

  3. Citizens speak
  4. While none were physically present, one second-hand citizen reported that the library public computers are very fast. Other patrons have expressed their pleasure at the upgrade to IE (Internet Explorer).

    The IE upgrade was performed by that hard working team of uncertified Microsoft Technicians, Wendy & Alex.

  5. Secretary's report
  6. Motion to approve February Secretary's report (DC1, MAC2) passed unanimously

  7. Budget report
  8. Bills were reviewed and signed by 4 trustees

    The current state of play in budget land is that FinCom expects that our payroll budget will reflect salary increases, but our expenses will be level funded. This is their across-the-board philosophy.

    We got a January monthly reconciliation sheet from the accountant's office. It seems correct.

    It appears that we have nearly $55000 in the free public library fund. We will have to spend a good chunk of it for materials and expenses this year and next, but should receive another $15000 state grant (FY05).

    It's unclear whether the library purchased QuickBooks Pro. Wendy is going to ask Susan and Patrick is going to hunt around. In any case, Patrick thinks that Excel will meet his needs. This is what he's familiar with from Foxboro.

  9. Director's report
  10. We'll be getting 200 CDs as the result of a price fixing suit. We don't have any choice as to what CDs we get, but we can dispose of them as we like.

    Wendy mentioned that the Sudbury library has begun to offer wireless access to patrons (story). They did this with grants from local businesses. There was a discussion of whether we should pursue something similar. Patrons with laptops equipped with wireless access could then make use of it. There was mention of security concerns and space utilization issues (do we want all our currently unused but comfy chairs occupied by demon web surfers?). There was also support for upgrading the computers we have before spending money to add service to those old (though reportedly fast) machines.

    Wendy mentioned that Strata bank in Millis was providing such wireless access in their lobby.

    Wendy will at least pursue this as far as contacting Sudbury and gleaning any info she can.

  11. Old business
    1. Grade increase status: Tech Services, CircLib, Community Service Lib
    2. Susan tried for 2 years to get these three positions upgraded. The various town administrators either said there was no money or it was a union issue or both. The union representative was not interested in the matter.

      Patrick will pursue this. The contract negotiation is underway, so this must be an opportune time.

      Upgrading the positions represents a only small increase in salary cost initially. There would be subsequent step increases.

  12. New business
    1. Annual Report approval (report due before March 12)
    2. Wendy will update last year's nigh flawless report and let Patrick and the trustees review it via email then she will hand it over.

      Motion to authorize Chairman to submit the Annual Report (DC1, MAC2) passed unanimously

    3. $1000 signatory authority for Director?
    4. Motion to authorize Patrick to spend sums up to but not exceeding $1000 without the prior approval of Chairman or 4 trustees. (DC1, MAC2) Passed unanimously.

    5. FinCom meeting coverage 7-8:30pm
    6. Wendy will take over at each meeting 8:30-end.

    7. Legislative Breakfast in Westwood Friday AM
    8. Wendy's going.

    9. Trustee Symposium Sat March 20 (RSVP mail/fax by March 12)
    10. Wendy thinks she's going.

    11. Sally's retirement (date & vacation)
    12. Sally plans to retire June 30th. She has submitted her letter of resignation to Patrick and copied Wendy. Due to vacation her last day will likely be June 2nd.

  13. Adjournment 8:40pm
  14. Next meeting will be as normal on the April 6th, starting at 7PM even. May's meeting will be put back one week to May 11th also commencing at 7PM.

    Motion to adjourn (MC1, RZ2) Passed unanimously

Director's Report

Director’s Report

3/2/04 Trustees Meeting

(February 2004 activity)

The first week has been very busy but enjoyable. The staff have been extremely helpful and seem to be adjusting to me, as I am to them. I am very appreciative of the support given to me by the staff, trustees, friends and members of the community.

(*)A pool was taken on the time Patrick could be expected to arrive, having commuted from Bridgewater. Times picked were 7:45, 7:55, and 8:00. MaryAnn was the big winner with 7:45.