Medway Public Library

Strategic Plan

FY2011 - FY2015

(Approved August 3, 2010)

("Needs" statement added June 2011 at MBLC request)


Work began on the Medway Public Library Strategic Plan in October 2009. A committee of three, comprised of the chairs of Franklin and Medway Library boards and the director of Franklin and Medway Libraries, guided the process. Medway board members, staff, and the community had opportunities to contribute to the plan.

The committee met weekly from October to March to research the feasibility of providing joint library services between the Town of Medway and the Town of Franklin, and to focus on the needs of the community of Medway.

Organizational and comparative data on both institutions was gathered and analyzed. A survey was administered in January and March to identify the needs of the community of Medway and to recommend the ways in which both institutions could collaborate to meet them.

The end result was a report that detailed the benefits of collaboration for both communities and a strategic plan for Medway Library.

Survey information was also used to select six service responses:

From these service responses, goals and objectives were created.

This plan will guide the Library’s decision making through 2015. It provides the structure for organizational change, enhanced services, and innovation. It includes recommendations for augmenting our collection expanding our presence in the community reaching out to teens, seniors and the underserved, building partnerships, and making the library more accessible. We are committed to providing the best possible service to the community. By focusing on the needs identified by the community and examining our internal processes, we will ensure the best allocation of resources and the best delivery of services. The plan will be reviewed regularly and updated as needed.

We want to acknowledge and express our appreciation to all those who contributed to this process, especially the many residents of Medway.


Medway Public Library will be recognized in the community as an essential and reliable partner in the delivery of information resources, education, self-advancement, and recreation.


Medway Public Library is an indispensable part of the community, dedicated to providing residents of all ages with dynamic collections, innovative programs and wide-ranging and sustainable services.

We Value:

Our patrons, their opinions, capabilities, needs and interests

A skilled, knowledgeable and courteous staff

Freedom of information

Equitable access to library resources and services

Creative solutions, integrity and innovation

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Library services will be accessible, courteous and responsive to the needs of the community.

Objective 1: Expand community access to library resources and services.


Objective 2: Evaluate workflow, staffing levels and budget allocation to maximize customer satisfaction with resources and services.


Objective 3: Develop, encourage and sustain expertise, skill, commitment and an innovative spirit in staff to offer the highest levels of customer service.


Objective 4: Provide varied opportunities for community input on the quality of library services.


Objective 5: Offer regular feedback opportunities for employees.

Goal 2: The Library will meet the public’s needs for current and popular materials, information, education, culture and entertainment.

Objective 1: Provide a quality collection of materials in current and emerging formats that reflect borrowing trends, interests, changing habits and the use patterns of the community.


Objective 2: Support education, the development of reading for pleasure, and language and comprehension skills in children and young adults. Provide an environment rich in stories, literature, reading and research.


Objective 3: Foster the adult propensity for self-development by providing timely, accurate and reliable information to assist in school, work, and decision making.


Objective 4: Maintain functional and appealing library collections.


Goal 3: Residents of all ages will regard the Medway Library as a prominent place to meet and interact with others in the community.

Objective: Make the library facility available to educational, civic and cultural groups to foster and enhance a sense of community.


Goal 4: Residents will have access to a variety of innovative programs.

Objective: Expand current library programs and strengthen community outreach through targeted programming.


Goal 5: Library patrons will have access to high quality information technology.

Objective: Medway Public Library will employ new technologies to deliver and facilitate access to library resources and services.


Goal 6: The Library will develop a comprehensive public relations campaign to increase visibility and raise the public’s awareness of the many services and opportunities available.

Objective 1: Develop, implement and update a complete marketing plan to inform, support, engage and excite the community.


Objective 2: Investigate effective ways to provide library services to the underserved.


Goal 7: Medway Public Library will be an inviting and safe part of the community.

Objective: Evaluate the facility, its systems, and procedures to increase safety and enhance efficiency.


Goal 8: The library will explore creative ways to ensure fiscal sustainability of library services.

Objective 1: Use volunteers efficiently.


Objective 2: Pursue non-municipal funding sources.


Objective 3: Identify, initiate and foster collaborative ventures that maximize the use and distribution of library and community resources.


Needs Statement

Survey respondents acknowledged the Library’s value to the community and also noted specific areas for improvement.


Access to the library and to its resources proved a major source of concern. The vast majority of Medway residents 78.2% did not view the current, predominately afternoon hours of operation as convenient. They would like to have more morning and longer weekend hours.


Though the Library provides a twelve week story & craft program for young children 3-5 years of age, patrons cited the lack of programs and services to children, preteens, teens, and older residents as a weakness. Teens, seniors, and male patrons perceived themselves to be underserved. In addition, many students expressed a disconnection with the library because of the limited hours, dated collection, and lack of pertinent programming. Other identified services needs were for improved communication, better publicity, and expanded and up-to-date collections.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Budget challenges have impacted all town services in recent years. The reduction of the library budget affected purchasing of library materials, programming and staffing. However, there is huge support for partnering with schools, local groups, and local businesses and for collaborating with neighboring libraries for services beyond those offered through the Minuteman Library network. Eighty-two percent of survey respondents would like the library to show more imagination and to seek alternative sources of funding.