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1. In memory of Nahum Clark who departed this life July 9, 1829 in his 80th year.

   Depart my friends wipe off your tears,
   I must lie here till Christ appears,

2. In memory of Miss Deidamia Cutler Daug. of Mr. Simon and Mrs. Silence Cutler who died Apr. 5 1810 E. 82

   Depart my friends dry up your tears,
   I shall rest here till Christ appears.
   The Clouds dispelled the stormy dangers past;
   And I've attained the peaceful shore at last !

3. In memory of Miss Sarah Cutler Daughter of Mr Simon Cutler & Mrs. Silence his wife who died April 23, 1806
    in the 34th year of her age

   Death gave to me a sudden call,
   I have obeyed and so must all.

4. In memory of Lucinday daughter of Mr Simon Cutler & Mrs Silence his wife who died March the 26th 1790
    in the seventh yr. of her age.

5. Here lies intered the body of Experience Jones who departed this life Jan 24. 1786 being in the 66th yr. of her age.
    Also this pillar is in remembrance of Lieut. Theophilus Clark first husband of ye above sd. Experience
    And also of Jotham Clark son of sd. Lt Theophilus & Experience.

    The father & the son, having been engaged in the defence of their Country,
    on the way from camp to their friends, they died.

    The father being in his 44th year died ye 24th of Nov. 1760. the son survived his father but 12 days
    & expired Dec. the 6th in the 17th year of his age.

6. In memory of Mr. Simon Cutler who died Aug. 3, 1826. Et. 88.

   Farewell my Consort & my Friends
   In peace on earth may you remain
   Till Christ our Judge shall call us home
   To meet with me in love again

7. In memory of Mrs. Silence wife of Mr. Simon Cutler who died Sept 24, 1832 Et. 93.

8. In memory of Mr. Gregory Ide who died August the 6th 1798 in the 27th year of his age.

   Friends & Physicians can not save
   My Mortal body from the grave
   Nor can the grave confine me here
   When Christ doth call me to appear.

9. In memory of Mrs. Mary Ide wife of Lieut. Daniel Ide who died March 14. 1796 Aged 66.

10. In memory of Lieut. Daniel Ide who died May 30. 1813 Aged 87.
     Also Mr. Josiah Ide his son. Died at Falmouth June 16 1778 in his 21st year.

11. In memory of Mrs. Calle wife of Mr. Paul Pond who died Nov. 28, 1781 in the 25th yr. of her age.

12. Erected to the memory of Mr. Alpheus Harding who died Sept 5th 1815 in the 28th year of his age.

13. In memory of Alpheus son of John Harding & Keziah his wife who died feb. 19, 1779.

14. In memory of Mrs. Kezia wife of Mr. John Harding. she departed this life Augt. 16 1797 in the 73rd year of her age.

15. Erected to the memory of Mr. John Harding who died Sept. 17, 1809. Age 87.

16. In memory of Capt. John Harding who died Mar 1!. 1833. Et 77.

17. Mrs. Beulah wife of Capt. John Harding died Mar 20, 1739 Et 77.

18. Silueney Son of Jacob Cutler and Mary his wife who died April 27, 1792 it was one month old.

19. In memory of Meletiah daug. of Mr Asa & Mrs. Meletiah Fuller who died Feb. 1, 1796. Aged 10 yr.

   A pleasant child a morning flower
   bent down and withered in an hour.

20. Erected in memory of Mr. David Lawrence who died Oct. 25, 1810 in the 46 yr. of his age.
     (Same stone) Lucretia daug. of Mr. David Lawrence & Lois died 1794. Aged 1 yr & seven mo.

21. In memory of Mrs. Lois wife of David Lawrence who died June 25 1833. Et. 33.

22. Julia wife of Edmund Payson died Nov. 6 1843 Aged 52.

   Oh, senseless stone, how vain to boast
   Or tell, here mortal relics lies;
   All guardian angels valued most;
   Now claims its mansion in the skies.

      Erected by her son Stephen.

23. In memory of Daniel son of Capt. Nathan Thayer and Caty his wife who died October the 18th 1789
      in the 9th yr. of his age.

24. In memory of Polly daughter of Mr. Ralph Mann & Eunice his wife who died April ye 23, 1787
      in ye 2nd yr. of her age.

25. In memory of Rhoda wife of Mr. Ralph Mann she Died May ye 6th 1779 in ye 33rd yr of her age.

   A wife, a Friend, a Mother Deir
   with her deer Babe Lies buryed here
   In bloom of Life and Useful days
   The summons Came ye Soul Obeys.

26. In memory of Mr. Ralph Mann who died May 12, 1820, in 92nd yr. of his age.

27. In memory of Mrs. Eunice Mann wife of Mr. Ralph Mann who died Oct. 9, t828 Aged 65 yr.

28. Miss Polly Mann died May 9. 1841 A.E. 56.

   If to be useful is our beings end and aim,
   Then this high excellence, our friend might claim.
   For this she lived, for this she spent her breath,
   Nor ceased her acts of kindness, but with death.

29. In memory of Mrs. Jemima 3rd wife of Doer. Aaron Wight. who died Mar. 10 1832. Act. 66-1.

30. In memory of Doct. Aaron Wight who died Feb. 8, 1831 in his 71 yr.

31. In memory of two wives of Doct. Aaron Wight. 1st wife Mrs. Mary Wight
     who died June 14. 1771 in her 23rd yr. 2nd wife Mrs. Mary Wight who died Aug. 26, 1775 in her 23rd yr.

32. In memory of Mr. Thomas Adams who suddenly departed this life June 21. 1831 .in the 52 year of his age.

   The rising morn cannot insure,
   That we shall end the day,
   For death stands ready at the door,
   To snatch our lives away.

33. Olive Shumway wife of Thomas Adams died Sept. 25, 1881. Aged 97 yrs. 7 months.

34. In memory of Mr. Amos S. Adams who died June 15. 1834 Aged. 24.

35. In memory of Mrs. Susana Adams wife of Thomas Adams who died Oct. 6, 1789 in the 30 year of her age.
     And also of their infant babe Polly.

36. Here lies ye body of Lois Thurston dau. of ye Rev. David Thurston.

37. Here lies ye body of David Thurston Son of Rev. David Thurston & Susannah his wife
      who departed this life Novem. 10. 1761. age 3 years & 4 months.

38. L.R. 1764.

39. In memory of Amos Adams son of Thomas and Susana Adams who died Oct. 15th In the 14th year of his age.

40. Here lies the body of Moses Adams son of Moses & Rachel Adams who died May 29, 1767
      in the 4 yr. of his age.

41. Here lies the remains of Keziah Hill wife of 'Epheriam Hill Deceased Nov. 7. 1767. Age. 38.

42. In memory of Mary wife of Mr. David Wiswell who died Oct. 6, 1821. Act. 49.

   I with my offspring here securely rest,
   God takes or leaves our comforts as is best.
   Prepare my friends, to meet me on that shore
   Where soul bereavements shall be felt no more.

43. In memory of Mr. Timothy Ellis who died Jan. 29. 1798 in the 63rd yr. of his age.

44. In memory of Ede wife of Amos Richardson who died Feb. 25, 1833 Et. 81.

   The grave of all his saints be blest
   And softened every bed
   Where should the dying members rest,
   But with the dying head.

45. In memory of Mr. Zebulon Bishop who died Jan. ye 21 1788 Aged 43 yr.

46. Abigail P. dg. of John & Abigail Standish died :Nov. 21. 1832 Aged 4 yrs. 1 m. & 11 da.

47. James Son of Thomas & Sarah Howard Drowned March 18. 1831, Aged 9 yr. 9 mo.

   In the midst of life we are in death.

48. In memory of Leut. Elias Howard who died Oct. ye 23. 1733 in the 27th yr of his age.

   A soul prepared needs no delay
   The summon comes ye must obey
   Swift was his race to his abode
   He closed his Eyes to see his God.

49. Here lies the body of Asa Hayward son of Samuel Hayward and Mrs. Hannah his wife
      deceased Sept 28. I767 Aged 3 yr 7 mo & 18 day

50. In memory of Samuel Hayward son of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Hannah Hayward his wife
     who died March ye 27 1771 in the 17 yr. of his age.

51. In memory of Moses Hayward son of Mr. Samuel & Mrs Hanna Hayward who died Mar. 25. 1776
      in ye 21st year of his Age.

52. In Memory of Mr Samuel Hayward who died Febry the 1st 1775  in ye 52nd year of his age.

53. Here lies Hannah the wife of Mr. James Richardson who died June ye 22nd 1789 in ye 28th year of her age.

   Death is a debt to Nature due,
   Which I have paid and so must you.

54. In memory of Mr. Nathan Hayward who died september the 25th 1789 in ye 19th year of his age.

   Hear lies cut down in youth,
   One who loved & obeyed the truth
   As you pass by, Look on & see
   Prepare for death and follow me.

55. In memory of Simeon, son of Mr. Moses Rockwood and Hannah his wife who died septber the 27 1778
      in the Ninth year of her age,

56. L.R. 1764.

57. Moses Rockwood died Feb. 2 1823 E. 86 yrs. 6 ms.

58. In memory of Mrs Hannah wife of Mr Moses Rockwood who died August 25 1796 in ye 65 year of her age.

59. In memory of Frances Daughter of ye late Capt Thomas Metcalf & Mrs Deborah his wife
      who died Sept. 12th 1775 in ye 14th year of her age.

60. In memory of Moses Hill son of Moses Hill & Christian his wife departed June 10. 1761
      Aged 1 year 2 ms. & 15 days.

61. I am a remembrancer of Mrs Lydia Whiting relict of Mr. Nathe Whiting who died Oct th 4. 1799
      in the 71st year of her age.

62. In memory of Clarissa daughter of Mr Luther Metcalf, and Marcy his wife, she died, February ye 4th 1783
      in the 2nd year of her age.

63. Here Lies the Body of Lois Whiting Dauter of Mr Nathaniel Whiting & Mrs Lydia his wife
      Deceased, April ye 20th 1766 Aged one Month & 15 Days.

64. In memory of Mr Nathaniel Whiting who died February Ye 1st 1770 in the 45 Year of his Age.

65. In memory of Mrs. Margaret Wife of Capt Nathaniel Whiting who died Jan llth 1775 in ye 84th Year of her Age.

66. In memory of Capt Nathaniel Whiting who died Sept the 4th 1779 In the 89th Year of his age.

67. Here Lies the Body of Joel Whiting 4th Son and Child of Mr Nathan Whiting & Mrs Marcy his wife
      Deceased Jany ye 26 1757 Aged one year & 6 Months & 11 days.

   time cuts down all
   both great & small.

68. Here Lies ye, Body of Nathan Whiting son of Mr. Nathan Whiting & Mrs Marcy his wife
      Deceased Decemr ye, 17,th 1756 Aged 6 years 9 m,os & 10 d

   As runs the glass Mans life doth pass.

69. In memory of David Whiting son Lieut. Nathan Whiting & Mrs. Marcy his wife Died Jan 24 1773
      in the 24th year of his Age.

70. Sacred To the Memory of Lieut. Nathan Whiting wh deceased May the 9th 1790 and in the 65th Year of his age.

   In faith he dy'd in Dust he lies,
   But faith foresees that Dust shall rise,
   When Jesus calls while hope assumes
   And bursts her Joye among the tombs

71. Here Lies the Body of Paitee ye Daughter of Simon Fisher & Dinah his wife who Died Aug 20th 1775 Aged 3 Years.

72. In memory of Mrs. Dinah Fisher who Died Sept 7th 1778 in ye 31st year of her age.

   Thou wast cut down in Bloom of life
   A faithful friend & Loving Wife
   A tender Mother good & Kind
   With her sweet Babe by Death consined

73. In memory of Simon Fisher died Sept 10th 1818 in the 70th year of his age.

74. In memory of the widow Hannah Metcalf wife of Deacon Johnathan Metcalf deceased
      who departed this life Oct ye 23 1792 in the 80 yr. of her age.

75. In memory of Bathsheba daur. of Mr. Johnathan Metcalf jun. & Bathsheba his wife
      who died Sept 20. 1756 Being 9 years 4 mos & 16 Days old.

76. In memory of Deacon Johnathan Metcalf who died Jan. ye l0th 1775 In ye 82nd Year of his age.

   The memory of ye Just is Blessed.
   Oh! what is frail and Mortal Man
   Or any of his Dying race,
   That God should think to entertain
   And freely save him by his Grace.

77. In memory of Mrs. Lois, wife of Daniel Pond, who died a 17th 1787 in ye 57 Year of her age.

   She long'd the day, to go the way
   Where all the living must.
   And wished the hour of Sovereign Power
   To turn to native dust.
   By faith she lived in faith she dy'd
   Left much behind to teach
   Her husband near, & daughter dear,
   Such things as none can preach.

78. In memory of Jabez Pond son of Daniel Pond & Lois his wife.

79. In memory of Mrs. Silence Metcalf wife of Mr. Elial Metcalf who died March 14, 1818 Aged 54 years

   Farewell my friends and children dear
   I've left this world of pain
   May virtue be your practice here
   Till we do meet again

80. In memory of Preston Metcalf Who died Jan 15. 1840 Aged 48.

81. In memory of Timothy A. Metcalf who died May 12. 1832 Aged 13 yrs. & 5 ms.

82. A remembrancer of Mr. Elial Metcalf late of Medway West Precinct who departed this life Oct the 4th 1792
      In the 33rd year of his age.

   In prosp'rous life, he felt deaths heavy stroke
   Yet, calmly bow'd to what the Lord had spoke;
   And left the church, a wife & children dear;
   To mourn their loss while he's no longer hear.

83. In memory of Mr. John Metcalf who died on the 22nd day of February 1791 In the 87 Year of his Age.

   'Tis but a few whose days amount
   To threescore years and ten
   And all beyond that short account
   Is sorrow toil, and pain.

84. In memory of Nancy daughter of Doctr Asa Adams & Mrs. Adams his wife
      who died Dec. 21st 1785 Aged 3 months.

85. Here Lies the Body of Mrs. Mary Metcalf wife to Mr John Metcalf who died July 28 1754 in the 40th year of age.

86. Timothy Whiting Rhoda Whiting Memorial

   After this I looked and behold a door was oppened in heaven;
   and the first voice which I heard said come up hither.
   And there shall no wise enter into it any, --
   but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life.

87, Here lies the body of Hephzibah Daughr of Mr Stephen Met-calf & Mrs Hephzibah his wife
      who Died August, 16. 1775 in ye 17th year of her age.

88. In memory of an Infant child Dautr. of Stephen Metcalf & Hiphzibah his Wife
      who died in ye birth Septembr ye 2nd 1771.

89. In memory of Mr. Amos Clark who died May the 28th 1787 in ye 57th year of his age.

90. In memory of Hannah Clark wife of Amos Clark she Died sepr 26, 1766 in ye 34 Year of her age.

91. In memory of Lieut Nathaniel Clark who died May 30th 1780 Aged 75 Years.

92. Here Lies ye Body of Samuel Clark son of Lieutnt. Nathaniel Clark & Mrs Ester his wife
      decd febry 12th 1754 Aged 14 years and 9 months.

    These words he said Prepare for Death and follow me.

93. In memory of Mrs. Ester Clark wife of Lieut Nathaniel Clark who died March 24, 1770 Aged 60 Years.

94. In memory of Mr Simeon Clark jn who died Feb. 2. 1798 In his 29th year.
     Also Mrs. Sally Clark & her child wife & child of Mr Simeon Clark jr who died Jun 6 1795 In her 23d Year,

95. In memory of Mr. Sullivan Clark who died Aug 4 1829. At 28.

   Heaven kind hath called thee hence away,
   To yon bright world where shines eternal day
   Not slow mine eye to drop a tear nor slow my heart
   To feel a paining as we assunder part.

96. In memory of Mr Joseph Clark who died Jan. 19. 1804 In his 31st year.

   Friends nor physicians could not save,
   My mortal body from the grave;
   Nor can the grave confine me here
   When Christ shall call me to appear.

97. In memory of Mrs. Eunice Clark wife of Mr Joseph Clark who died August 6th 1848 In her 49th year.

   Adiew my children dear a long adiew.
   On earth I could no longer stay with you.
   May virtue and piety be your practice here,
   And at length in heaven may we all appear.

98. In memory of Richard Puffer son of Mr. Richard Puffer & Mrs Jemima his wife
      Deceased Novbr 20 1756 Aged 2 yrs 11ms & 24 days.

99. Josiah Gregory 1759. [Foot stone.]

100. In memory of Capt Job Plimton who died March 18th 1797 Et 79.
       Mrs Ester Plimton wife of Capt Job Plimton died Feb. 15th 1797 Et 74.

Children of J & Ester Plimton.

    Timothy  died  Nov. 11 1756    Et. 8
   Ester    Oct 30 1756            6
   Mary    Nov.10 1756            4
    Eliza    July 21 1755  10 days.  
   Mercy  3at a birth   July 11 1755    
   Silence     1755    

101. In Memory of Mr. Ichabod Haws who Died Dec. ye 18. 1777 in the 58 year of his age.

102. In Memory of Kezia Haws Second wife of Ichabod Haws who died Octbr ye 28. 1772 in ye 32nd Year of her age.

103. In memory of Elizabeth Haws wife of Mr. Ichabod Haws who died Octbr 30. 1766 in ye 45 Year of her Age.

104. Here -- Body -- Dau. of -- Haws & Elizabeth his wife -- January 27 -- 6 Years & 3 Days.

105. In Memory of Hephzibah Haws Daughter of Ichabod Haws & Elizabeth his wife who died Janry ye 2nd 1763
        In the 8th yr. of her age.

106. In Memory of Mr. Nathan Fisher Junr. who died Oct. 17th 1776 in ye 80th Year of his Age.
        In Memory of 3  Chilldren of Mr. Nathan & Mrs Rachel Fisher

   Elias Died April 22d 1767 one Month Old
   Silas Died Sept 10th 1773 in his 2nd Year.
   Elias Died Sept 25th 1775 in his 8th Year.

107. In memory of Mr. Amos Richardson who died April 6th 1822 In his 80 year.

   Here lies the husband and a parent dear
   In sweet repose till Jesus doth appear.

108. In Memory of Mrs Phebe Richardson Wife of Mr. Amos Richardson of Medway Who died Apr. 80. 1796
        In the 53 Year of her Age.

   Friends & Physicians could not save
   My mortal body from the grave,
   Nor can ye grave confine me here
   I shall arise when Christ commands me to appear.

109. In memory of Miss Phebe Johnson, daughtr, of Mr. David & Mrs Phebe Johnson who died Dec 25th 1816.
        In her 14th year.

   Beneath those clods in silent sleep,
   Behold her body lies;
   Surviving friends forbear to weep,
   For virtue never dies

110. In memory of Mrs Mary Ann Staples wife of Mr John Staples who died April 25th 1823 Aged 23 years.

   Farewell my child and partner dear,
   I've left this world of pain;
   May virtue he your practice here
   Till we do meet again.

111. In Memory of Mrs Sally Kibbe Wife of Mr Isaac Kibbe Jr. who died May 8. 1822. Et 42 years.

112. In Memory of David Wheaton who died Febry 3th 1793 in the 88 Year of his Age.

   I am not lost my dust shall rise
   When the great Trumpet Shakes the skies.

113. Here lies Elizabeth wife of Mr Seth Allen and Mary his wife, who died Janry yg 25th1780 in ye 2nd year of his age.

115. Here lies Lidea, the wife of Benajah Harding who died Febry · ye 22th 1790 in ye 21st year of her age.

116. In Memory of Betty Relict of Mr. Asa Clark, who died decr 17, 1815 in the 83th year of her age.

117. In Memory of Mrs Lydia Daughter of Mr Asa Clark & Mrs Betty his wife, who died Jan ye 4. 1792. Aged 25 years.

   Consider my Friends
   Wipe off your tears
   I must lie here
   Till Christ appears.

118. In Memory of Mr Asa Clark who died decr 23. 1810 in the 80th year of his Age.

119. In Memory of Mary Clark daur of Mr Asa Clark & Mrs Betty his wife who died Decr the 24th 1756
        Aged 16 years 2 months & 24 days.

120. In Memory of Lucretia Daughtr of Nath. Partridge & Mehetabel his wife she Died Oct. 14. 1764.
        Aged 5 Months & 8 days.

121. In memory of Sarah Partridge daughtr of Nath. Partridge & Mehetabel his wife she died January 7. 1766
        in ye 6th year of her age.

122. In Memory of Deborah Daughter of Nathauiel Partridge & Mehetabel his wife she died May 7. 1786
        in the 8th year of her age.

123. In memory of Mrs Martha Clark Relict of Mr James Clark who died May 5, 1810 Et 71.

   The rising morn can not ensue
   That we shall end the day.

124. In Memory of Mr James Clark Jun who died December ye 19, 1786 in ye 62 Year of his Age.

125. In Memory of Miss Sarah Clark who died July the 25th 1785 in ye 26th year of her age;

126. In memory of Mr Joseph Clark who died July ye 26th 1779 in ye 19th Year of his Age.

127. In memory of Mrs Mary wd, of Mr James Clark who died Decemr ye 28. 1775 in ye 79th year of her age.

128. In Memory of Mr James Clark who died June Ye 13 1768 in the 81st Year of his Age.

129. In Memory of Mrs Rachel Clark Deceased Mar 2nd 1758 in the 76 year of her age.

130. In memory of Mr James Clark, 3rd who died Febr. ye 16. 1788 in ye 24th year of his age.

131. Here lies the body of Eleazar Thompson Died Feb. ye 9th 1754 Aged 55 years.

132. In Memory of Mrs Keziah Thompson wife of Lieut Moses Thomson who died Oct. the 31st 1784
        in ye 51st year of his age.

133. In Memory of Lieut. Moses Thompson who died June the 24th 1794 in ye 66th year of his age.
        And also Moses son of Lieut Moses Thompson who died in Stirbridge with the small pox in Oct ye 31. 1792
        in the 26th year of his age.

134. Mrs Lois wife of Amos Fisher died Sept 21. 1812 Et. 80.

135. In Memory of Mr Amos Fisher who died Augt 4 A. D. 1806 Et. 49.

   Here sleeps the husband & the partner dear
    Beneath those clods till Jesus shall appear
   Surviving friends prepare with him to lie
   Improve the present moments as they fly.

136. In Memory of Mrs Abigail Fisher wife of Mr. Nathan Fisher who died Apr. 4. 1804 in the 77 year.

137. In memory of Mrs Sally Mclntire who died May the 22 1783 in the 19th year of her age.

138. In memory of Mrs Mary Henderson Wife of Mr Samuel Anderson who died Jan 28 1827 Aged 56 years

   We'll ever hold thy memory dear,
   As through this vale we tread,
   And bow submissive to that power,
   That laid thee with the dead.

139. Here lies ye Body Mrs Meriam Fairbanks who died july ye 1st 1779 in the 34th year of her age.

140. Sacred to the Memory of Mrs Lydia Partridge who died Dec 14 1801 In the 23 year of her age.

   Hail sweet repose by me desired
   With pain and lingering sickness tired
   Here shall I rest till Christ descends
   To gather home his chosen friends.

141. Sacred to the Memory of Dea Nathauiel Partridge who died Oct 27 1801 in the 67 year of his age

    The Church his memory will revere
   And friends come round to drop a tear
    While the imortal part above
    Exalts in realms of endless love.

142. Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Mehitable wife of Deacn Nathl Partridge who died June 29. 1708.
        In the 58 year of her age.

   Sweet is that truth I shall arise
   And see my Savior with my eyes
   Though worms this body now destroy
   The sublime part finds sweet employ

143. Sacred to the Memory of Miss Grace Partridge who died Apr. 10. 1795 In the 18 year of her age

   Stop here young friends & read these lines
   Improve this solemn call
   Perhaps your morning sun will set
   And you like me will fall.

144. In Memory of Miss Mehitable Partridge, who died ye Janry 22 1791 of a Consumption Aged 23 years.
        In the agonies of death These words she spake,

   Rejoice in the Lord And again I say Rejoice
   The sweet remembrance of the just
   Shall flourish when they sleep in dust

145. In Memory of Miss Lucretia Partridge who died of a Consumption August ye 28 1790 in ye 18th year of her age.

   Alas the brittle clay
   That built our body first
   And every moment every day
   'Tis moulderlng back to dust.

146. In memory of Mr Ephraim Partridge, who entered Providence College Sept 1787
        & died of a Consumption January 13th 1790 in the 25th year of his age.

   Just stepping forward on the acting stage
   A studious only Son in youthful age
   But soon his friends with their instructions kind
   He leaves & is by deaths cold hand confined.

147. In memory of Elisabeth Partridge daughter of Mr Ephraim Partridge Who died Oct ye 19th 1784
        in the 54th year of her age.

148. Elisha son of Mr. Ephraim Partridge & Lydia his wife died died May ye 23 1752 in ye 4th year of his age.

149. In Memory of Ephraim Partridge who died feb. 7. 1770 Aged 68 years.

150. In Memory of ye widow Lydia Partridge she Died May ye 15 1772 in ye 72 year of her Age.

151. In Memory of Mrs Kezia Partridge widow of Mr. James Partridge who died July the 25th 1790
        in the 88th year of her age.

152. Here Lies the Body of Mr. James Partridge Died April ye 2nd 1779 in ye 62 Year of his age.

153. In Memory of Hannah ye daughter of Mr. James Partridge & Kezia his wife who died Dec 25 1756
        in the 4th year of her age.

154. In Memory of Asa Partridge who Died Apr. 28. 1759 in ye 22th Year of his Age.

155. Here lies ye body of E_________ Partridge who died __________ 1756 in the ________ year of her Age.

156. In memory of Mrs Elizabeth Partridge who died Sept 7th 1818 in her 77 year.

157. In Memory of Mr Nathan Partridge who died May ye 25 1785 in the 35 year of his Age.

158. In memory of Mr. Joel Partridge who died February 16, 1825 Aged 75 years.

159. In Memory of Mrs Waitstill Partridge wife of Mr Joel Partridge who died Mar 8th 1825 Aged 70.

160. In Memory of Levine daughter of Mr. Nathan Partridge & Meleitah his wife who died July ye 10 1782
        in ye 5th year of her age.

161. In memory of Mr James Partridge son of Mr Joel Partridge who died April 26. 1816 In his 23rd year.

   Cease friends to weep, your flowing tears refrain,
   Hush every murmur, check every rising sigh,
   Your transient loss is my eternal gain
   Prepare to follow, all were born to die.

162. Edmund James, Son of Joel Partridge & Joanna his wife died May 1. 1828 E 15 months.

163. In Memory of Remembrance son of Mr Joel & Mrs Sarah Partridge who died May 11. 1808 Aged 23 days.

164. In Memory of Mrs Sarah Partridge wife of Mr Joel Partridge Junr, who died July 19 1820
        in the 35th year of her age.

   Farewell my spouse my children dear
   I've left this world of pain;
   May virtue be your practice here
   Till we do meet again.

165. Sacred To The Memory of Mr. Joseph Hill who died 10, 1764.

166. Sacred To The Memory of Huldah wife of Mr Joseph Hill who died March _____ 1762 ______.

167. In Memory of Mrs Ruth Partridge wife of Mr Seth Partridge who died May ye 27th 1789 in ye 77th year of her age.

168. In Memory of Mr. Seth Partridge who died August the 5th 1786 in ye 75th year of his age.

169. Phebe daughter of Laban and Catharine Adams died in Boston Feb. 15 1825 Aged 5 years.

   Of such is the kingdom of Heaven.

170. Erected in memory of Charles Adams son of Capt. Laban & Mrs Catharine Adams who died in Boston Sept. 17.         1820. Etatis 11 years.

   Thou lovely child ! the parents hope
   In early years cut down
   Companion now of the gastly group
   That lie beneath the ground.

171. Laban Adams died in Boston January 9. 1839 Aged 64 years.

   Thy will be done.

172. Catharine J. Adams Wife of Laban Adams Died January 12. 1869 Aged 81 years.

   Death is swallowed up in victory.

173. Stephen C. Adams son of Mr Stephen & Catherine Adams died Aug 8 1807 Aged one year 7 months & 7 days.

174. In Memory of the widow Anna formerly wife of Lieut Jonathan Holbrook who died Oct 26. 1802
        in the 50 year of her age.

   Father I give my spirit up
   And trust it to thy care
   My dying flesh shall rest above
   And rise at thy command

175. In Memory of Lieut Jonathan Holbrook who died Febry ye 17th 1793 in ye 47th year of his age.

176. In memory of Mr Elijah Partridge who died Sept 9. 1705 Et. 43.

   Behold you living that pass by
   As you are now so once was I
   As I am now so you must be
   Prepare for death and follow me.

177. In memory of Clark son of Mr. Elijah & Catharine Partridge who died Oct 21 1799 Et. 5 months.

178. In Memory of Mrs Kezia wife of Mr Elijah Partridge who died January the 16 1795 in the 31st year of her age.

179. In Memory of the Widow Abigail Partridge who died Feb ye 22 1809 in the 76 year of her age.

180. In Memory of Mr Timothy Partridge who died Sept. __ 1787 In ye 80th year of his age.

181. In Memory of Zilla Partridge who died Oct the 4. 1783 in ye 20 year of her age.

182. In Memory of David Partridge who died Sept the 29 1783 in ye 18th year of his age.

183. In memory of Samuel Newell son of Mr Shubael & Mrs Clarissa Wright who died Jan 3. 1822
        Aged 3 years & 8 months.

184. (Foot stone) Abigail Daniels.

185. Lopenza C son of Mr. Cephas & Mrs Levinia Thayer who died Aug. 20. 1821. Age 4 months & 6 Days.

   Trancient and vain have proved the hope
   Which thy short life could give
   But thou dear babe in realms of bliss
   With Christ shall ever live

186. In Memory of Miss Rachel Pike died Feb 1st 1825 Et 67 yrs.

   Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

187. "Richards grave."

188. In memory of Mr. Seth Hixson who died July 13. 1821 In his 87 yea

    The aged father now completes his race
    To meet his partner in that happy place.

189. In memory of Mrs Bethiah Hixson wife of Mr. Seth Hixson who died Sept 5th 1818 In her 80 year.

   Farewell my spouse and children dear
   I've left this world of pain
   May virtue be your practice here
   Till we do meet again.

190. In memory of Mrs Elizabeth, wife of Lieut Isaac Hixson who died April the 12th 1802 in the 38 year of her age.

   Christ died he rose.
   salvation now appears
   thus blest we rest,
   From all our slavish fears.

191. Abigail Daughter of Mr William & Mrs Ruth Adams died July 11. 1824 Aged 4 years.

192. In Memory of Mr Luther Adams who died Sept. 19. 1805. Aged 22 years & 8 months.

193. In memory of Mima daughter of Mr Jonathan & Mrs Jemima Adams who died May19th 1802 In her 6th year.

194. In memory of Mrs Lydia Cutler wife of Mr Simon Cutler who died July 4 1813 Aged 41 years.

   Farewell my spouse and Children dear
   I've left this world of pain
   May virtue be your practice here
   Till we do meet again.

195. In memory of Miss Miranda Daniels who died Oct 2.,1821. Aged 20 years.
        Also Miss Abigail Daniels who died Oct 9. 1821 Aged 13 years. Daut. Mrs Luther Daniels.

196. In memory of Elisha son of Mr. Elisha Cutler & Mrs Martha his wife who died July ye 20. 1777 Aged I yr.

197. In memory of Mr Job Plimpton who died Oct 16, 1814 Et. 77.
        Also Mrs Beriah, his wife died Jan 10. 1829 Et. 82.

   Our days alas ! our mortal days
   Are short and painful too;
   Evil and few the patriarch says
   And well the patriarch knew.

198. Dea Nathaniel Cutler died May 6. 1839 Aged 74.

199. In memory of Mrs Nancy wife of Mellen Battel & daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Cutler
        who died Aug 26. 1825 Et 21.

   No age from deasth can fly
   No friends but what must part;
   Death will dissolve the tenderest tie,
   Thats found within the heart.

200. In Memory of Mrs Elizabeth Cutler widow of Mr Nathaniel Cutler, who died Febr ye 24th 1785
        in ye 80th year of her age.

201. In Memory of Nathaniel Cutlars two sons who died March ye 10th .

   Nathaniel Cutlar who died March ye 10 1734.
   Jacob Cutlar

202. Lydia Cutlar deceased the 16th of August 1784 in the 36 year of her age.

203. In Memory of Mr Elisha Cutlar who died 28 of March 1806. Et 68.

   A tender husband and a parent kind
   Is gone we hope where happy souls are joyned
   to sing the wonderous love
   in the bright realms of perfect rest above
   When the archangel calls ye dead arise
   death will no longer close our sealed eyes.

204. In memory of Miss Mary Cutler who died Augst ye .16th 1799 in the 40th year of her age.

   My honored parents are you well
   My Jesus doth me call
   I leave you here with God
   To meet you once for all.

205. In memory of the sons of Mr Elisha Cutler & Mary his wife who died Sept 14, 1759 Aged 23 Days.

206. In Memory of Mary wd of Mr Elisha Cutlar who died 25 Decr 1806.E. 66.

   Nothing could death this happy pair divide
   Serene she slumbers by her partners side
   Let faith converse with her on yonder shore,
   Where sin and sorrow can invade no more
   May all her friends to follow her prepare
   Where Christ has told us many mansions are.

207. Erected to the memory of Mr. Calvin Fairbanks Son of John Fairbanks Esq of Holliston
        died Aug 12. 1825 E  34 years.

   The memory of the just
   Shall flourish
   When they sleep in dust.

208. In memory of Mr Amory Fairbanks who died April 24th 1814 In his 23rd year.

   In early life I'm called to go
   My work on earth is done
   With joy I'll part with all below
   In Christ my heavenly home.

209. Erected to the memory of Mrs Mary Fairbanks Consort of Mr Joseph Fairbanks who died Oct 4th 1825 E 61 yrs.

   Decay ye tenements of dus
   Pillars/of earthly pride decay
   A noble mansion waits the just
   And Jesus has prepared the way

210. In memory of Mr Joseph Fairbanks who died Jan 5. 1835 Et 74.

   Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

211. Grace wife of John Fairbanks of Holliston formerly wife of Joseph Fairbanks
        And formerly wife of Edward Burt of Northampton, Born July 26, 1775 Died June 1. 1861.

212. Mrs Susanna wife Of Mr Peter Lewett died Dec. 20, 1831. Et 74.

213. In memory of Mr Peter Liwett who died Oct 9, 1821 Aged 66 years.

214. Elizabeth Lewet daughter of William & Nancy Jane Richards died Nov. 12 1848 E 3 years 10 mo & 6 ds.

   Beautiful flower of the fragrant spring
   Too Precious for earths barren Clay
   An angel hath borne thee away on his wings
   To the garden of God undifiled.

215. William Henry son of William and Nancy J. Richards died March 27, 1836 Aged 16 weeks.

216. John Richards Died March 20 1844 Aged 6 years.

217. In memory of Eliza Curtis who died Octobr 19 1821 Aged 2 years And 4 months.
        Daughter of Mr Joseph & Mrs Anne Curtis.

218. Willard P. son of Mr Horace & Mrs Hepzibah A Hill died Dec 31, 1832 Et 6 years 2 mo. & 15 days.

   Mysterious are the works of God,
   And thy ways past finding out.
   In haste I leave my earthly friends
   To mourn and ponder out the change.

219. In memory of Mrs Hepzibah A Hill wife of Mr Horace Hill who Died May 23 1828 Aged 29 yrs.

   O Youth, whenever thou visitest this spot,
   Pause a moment, listen to the voice of one
   from the grave, remember thou art liable
   to desease and death; consiaer thy ways
   know thyself and prepare to meet thy God.

220. In memory of Alfred Son of Mr Horace & Mrs Hepsibah A Hill died Oct 18, 1825 E t 4 mo & 14 days.

   A pleasant babe a morning flower
   Cut down and withered in an hour.

221. In memory of Mr Timothy Hill who died Nov. 28. 1812 in tbe 72 year of his age.

222. In memory of Mrs Mary Hill wife of Mr. Timothy Hill who departed this life Feb. 17th 1825 Et. 78 yrs.

   Reader stand still and drop a tear
   Over the dust that slumbers here;
   And when you read the state of me
   Think on the glass that runs for thee.

223. In memory of Mrs Jerusha wife of Capt. Simeon Partridge who died March 23. 1834 Et 70.

   There is a hope beyond the grave
   Which soothes the troubled mind
   For Jesus has attonement, made
   And ransomed all mankind.

224. In memory of Capt Simeon Partridge who died Jan 9. 1832 in the 72 year of his age.

   When our pilgrimage is o'er
   With all its cares and all its pains
   We have a home forever more
   Where peace and hapiness ever reigns.

225. In memory of Lyman W. Partridge son of Mr Elihu & Mrs Charlotte Partridge who died April 18. 1812
        Aged 5 months.

   Happy the babe who privilaged thus by fate
   To shorter labor and a lighter weight
   Received but yesterday the gift of breath
   Ordered tomorrow to return to death.

226. In memory of Lyman son of Capt Simeon & Mrs Jerusha Partridge who died Aug 12. 1805 Et 20.

   In thy fair book of life devine
   My God inscribe my name
   There let it fill some humble place
   Beneath the slaughtered lamb.

227. In memory of Mrs Charlotte Wife of Mr. Elihu Partridge, who died MarcIl 2. 1833 Et 45.

   To heaven let us raise our mind,
   Peace is there for all mankind,
   There will God's elect be found
   Persueing joy eternal round.

228. Mr. James Gibbs died Aug 21. 1807 Et 49 Mrs Charity his wife died July 27. 1811 Et 43.

229. Mr Gilbert Clark died March 28 1824 in his 44 year.

   The highest object of his ambition in this world
   was to acquire the reputation of an Honest Man.

230. In memory of Mrs Sally Clark Wife of Hr Gilbert Clark. Obit. Jan. 26. 1818. Et. 33 Years.
        Also Elizabeth Obit May 13, 1817 Aged 9 Months and Sally Obit Feb. 10. 1818 Et. 7 weeks.

   Children of the above
   Whate'er thy lot whoe'er thou be
   Confess thy folly kiss the rod
   And in the chastening sorrow see
   The hand of God.

231. Mrs. Patience third wife of Mr Gilbert Clark, died Sept, 8 1834 Aged 37 years.

   She is freed from sorrow and pain
   We trust with her Saviour to reign.

232. In memory of Mrs Sally Walker Wife of Mr Samuel T. Walker who died Nov. 9 1815 Et. 26 years.

   Early in life I'm called to go.
   My work on earth is done;
   With joy I part with all below;
   For Christ my heavenly home
   Farewell my friends & partner dear
   I've left this world of pain;
   May virtue be your practice here
   Till we do meet again.

233. Erected in memory of Mr Amos T. Hixon son of Mr. Asa Hixon who died Oct 25, 1815 Aged 23 years.

   The sweet remembrance of the just
   Shall flourish when he's laid in dust.

234. In Memory of Mrs Polly Hixon wife of Mr Asa Hixon who died October 15. 1821 Aged 54 years.

235. Asa Hixon Died March 18. 1852 Aged 84 years.

236. Mr Leonard Fisher Died Nov. 15. 1841 Et 75. Prepare to meet thy God.

237. Mrs Betsey W. wife of Mr Leonard Fisher died Dec 30 1836 Aged 63 years.

   Dear Saviour I thy call obey
   Resign to dust this cumberous clay
   With sight renewed with joy I'll view
   And feast upon thy glories too.

238. In memory of Mr Martin W. Fisher who died Jan 14. l 821 Aged 21 years.

239. Amariah Force died Aug. 8. 1847 Aged 89.

   Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

        Keziah Force died May 12. 1846. Aged 78.

240. In memory of Miss Amellia Force daughter of Mr Amariah & Mrs Kezia Force who died Jan 20 1816.
        In her 21 year.

   Beneath these clods in silent sleep
   Behold her body lies
   Surviving friends forbear to weep
   For virtue never dies.

241. Lucinda Force Died Jan 6. 1848 Aged 50.

   Let not for her our tears be shed
   For blessed are the holy dead
   Ah weep for those that still remain
   Subject to sorrow sin and pain.

242. Zarina dau'r of Amariah & Kezia Force died Apr. 30. 1853, E 41 y'rs.

   Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

243. In Memory of Mr Alvin Force who died Sept 20. 1822. Aged 22 years.

   Lo where the silent marble weeps
   A Friend, a Son, a Brother sleeps
   A heart within whose sacred cell
   The peaceful virtues loved to dwell.

244. Charlotte & Ann, children of Thomas J & Joanna Adams.
        Charlotte died March 10. 1828 Aged 5 months. Ann died Aug 1830 Aged 14 months.

   "Of such is the kingdom of heaven."

245. Sacred to the memory of Thomas J Adams who died in Westborough, of a pulmonary consumption
        Jan. 14 1831. Aged 29 years.

   This Marble marks thy couch of lowly sleep
   And living statues here are seen to weep;
   Afflictions semblance bends not o'er thy tomb
   Afflictions self deplores thy early doom.

246. Joanna Pond widow of Thomas J. Adams May 1806--Oct. 1892.

247. In memory of Edwin son of Mr Jonathan & Mrs Mary Pond died Sept 17. 1821. Et. 8 years.

   Fond were the hopes thy parents raised
   But few have been thy mortal days.

248. In Memory of Miss Variety Pond Daughter of Mr Jonathan & Mrs Mary Pond
        who died March 28 1827 Aged 19 years.

   Here lies cut down in bloom of youth
   A pleasant and obedient youth
   Let this a warning be to all
   To be prepared when death doth call.

249. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Mary Pond wife of Mr Jonathan Pond died Mar. 2. 1851 Et 54.

   Farewell but where thou art gone
   Adieus & farewells are a sound unknown
   May we but meet thee on that peacful shore
   The parting words shaIl Pass our lips no more

250. In memory of Mrs Eda P. Clark wife of Mr Nathaniel Clark who died Nov. 12. 1824 Aged 35.

   Hail sweet repose by me desired
   With pain and lingering sickness tired
   Here shall I rest till (:hrist descends
   To gather home his chosen friends.

251. Mary Jane daughter of Pliny & Beriah Bosworth died June 6, 1833. Aged 16 months.

252. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Melesant Pond wife of Mr. Barzilla Pond died March 22. 1808
        in the 49 year of her age.

   Adieu my spouse my: children dear
   I've left 'this world of pain
   May virtue be your practice here
   Till we do meet again.

253. In memory of Mr. Barzillai Pond who died June 3. I823 Et 64 Yrs.

   Death gave to me a sudden call
   I have obeyed and so must you.

254. Sacred To the Memory of Mary Pond daughter of Barzillai & Melecent Pond who died Feb. 5. 1839
        in the 52nd year of her age.

   My sister with this mortal eye
   I ne'er shall see thy form again
   And never shall this mortal ear
    Drink in the sweetness cf thy strain

255. In memory of Mr Elias Mann who died Augst 21 1822 Et. 33 years.

   Be ye also ready.

256. Erected to the memory of Mrs Ann Rockwood wife of Mr. Newell Rockwood died August. 15 1821. Et. 2l. yrs.

   Come hither mortals cast an eye
   Then go thy way prepare to die
   Think on thy doom for die thou must
   One day like me be turned to dust

257. Erected to the memory of Caroline Rockwood daughter of Capt. Aaron Rockwood & Milley his wife
        died March 6 1824.

   Farewell to all my days are o'er
   With yon I meet on earth no more
   Cease to weep or shed a tear
   Surviving friends & parent dear

258. Erected to the memory of Milley P. Rockwood danghtr of Capt. Aaron Rockwood & Milley his wife
        died July 9th 1824 Et. 12 yrs.

   Youth blooming high
    Was born to die.

259. In memory of Capt Aaron Rockwood who died Aug 9. 1827 Et 47.

260. In Memory of Mrs Milley Rockwood Relict of Capt Aaron Rockwood Died Aug 22 1841, Aged 57 years.

    Dear as thou wert and justly dear
    We would not weep for thee
    One thought shall check the starting tear
    It is that thou art free.

261. Charlotte Elizabeth; Only daughter of Levi & Elizabeth Adams
        Born at Boston Jan. 8 1820 Died at Worcester April 5 1865

   There is rest for the weary:

262. In memory of Mr Titus Adams who died Aug 8 1808 Aged 50.

   Departed friend we drop the mournful tear
   of fond regret around thy funeral bier.

263. Our Mother
        Anna, Wife of Titus Adams Born Sept 8. 1760 Died Jan 14.1851

   These were her last words.
   "He is my hope and all my dependence"

        Eleazar Son of Titus & Anna Adams Born Dec. 29. 1781 died Aug 3I. 1791.

264. In memory of Miss Ann Adams daughter of Titus & Anna Adams who was killed by accident
        Apr. 17. 1811. Aged 24 years.

   Deep in the grave thy faults sball ever slecp;
   Deep in our hearts thy virtues ever live;
   Here friendship sighs here fond affeotion weeps.
   Tears are the noblest token, we can give.

265. Susan Adams. daughter of Titus & Anna Adams. died in Boston suddenly of a disease of the heart
        January 29. 1839 Aged 48 years.

   All on earth is a shadow,
   All beyond is substance.

266. In memory of Rebecca W. daughter of Jonas C & Caroline Davis of Union Me.
        who died Nov. 23 1836 Aged 15 years. Erected by her Sisters.

267. In Memory of Mr Levi Adams and Mrs Elizabeth Adams his Wife whose remains are intered in Boston
        He died April 21. 1819 Aged 29 years. She died Jan 25. 1820 Aged 26 years.

268. Here lies the body of Levi Sprague son of Levi & Elizabeth Adams who died May 14, 1826.

   Loved Child farewell thy early doom
   Shall love & trutb & friendship weep;
   Affections tears bedew thy tomb,
   Where low thy mouldering ashes sleep.

268. Julia A. wife of Horace Wilmarth died Sept. 30. 1844 Et. 36

   I left this world of woe
   And all its present strife
   To my saviors arms to go
   And live a heavenly life
   I left my friends behind to mourn
   No more to them shall I return.

269. In memory of Mrs Hannah Pierce wife of Mr. Willard Pierce, who died July 3rd 1886 Et. 23.

   My flesh shall slumber in the ground
   Till the last trumpet's joyful sound
   Then burst the chains with sweet surprise
   And in my Savior's image rise.

270. In memory of Mrs Eunice Brigham wife of Mr Zebus Brigham who died Jan. 4. 1830 Et 30.

   Laid in the grave I must abide
   Thus sleeping by my sisters side
   Go home my friends and cease your tears
   We must lie here till Christ appeal's.

271. In memory of Mrs Nancy Brigham wife of Mr Zenas Brigham who died Sept 7. 1826 Et. 32.

   Could grateful love recall the fleeting breath,
   Or fond affection soothe relentless death
   Then had this stone ne'er drained a social tear,
   Nor read to thougtless man a lesson here.

272. In memory of Mr. Zenas Brigham, Died May 26. 1878 Age 92 years.

273. John M. and Albert E. children of John and Patty Merrifield,

274. [Double stone] John Merrifield Died Jan 13. 1828 Et 39 years
       Patty M. Cook Died Apr. 27. 1875 E86 yrs. .

275. In memory of Mrs Tamer wife of Mr Job. Partridge who Jan. 18. 1831 Et 49.

   Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

276. In memory of Mr Job. Partridge died May 24. 1823. Et 47.

   Death gave to me a sudden call
   I have obeyed and so must all.

277. Joann doughr of Mr Job and Mrs Tamer Partridge died June 1. 1823 in the 12 year of her age.

   This pleasant child so young and fair;
   Cut down and withered in an hour.

278. Mr. Edson Partridge died April 24. 1836. Et 27.

   The time is short, the season near,
    When death will you remove:
   To leave your friends however dear
   And those you fondly love. ,

279. Marlnde P. dau. of Benjamin & Harriet Partridge died Nov. 14. 1832.Et. 5.

   This early bud so young and fair,
   CalI'd hence by early doom,
   Just come to show how sweet a flower
    In paradise might bloom.

280. In memory of Mrs Olive Shumway, Wife of Mr. Jabez Shumway who died Sept 17. 1825 aged 72.

   My loving children all draw near,
   Perhaps mv death deserves your tears.
   Here rests my frame in this cold ground
   Where all of you may soon be found.

28l. In memory of Mr. Jabez Shumway who died June 30th 1821 Aged 74 years.

    I with my offspring here securely rest,
   God takes or leaves as he sees best
    Prepare my friends to meet me on that shore,
    Where sad bereavements will he felt no more.

2S2. In memory of Abigail Shmnway daughtr of Mr Jabez & Mrs Olive Shumway who dlied March 21st 1820.
        Aged 40 years.

   Behold my grave as you pass by
   As you are now so once was I;
   Death suddenly took hold of me
   And so the case of you may be

283. Edward L. Jencks died Feb. 18. 1842 Et 24.

   Could he speak from where he's sleeping,
   And his joyous feelings tell,
   He would say my partner cease your weeping,
   Back I would not come to dwell.

284. Sarah T. wife of Edward L. Jencks & Daug. of Joseph & Betsey Greenwood died June 23. 1844 Et 30.

   She in agony of spirit,
   When she saw that none could save,
   Said my friends I bid you farewell,
   Till we meet beyond the grave.

285. Jonathan Daniels died July 3, 1824, Et 75.

286. Sarah widow of Jonathan Daniels died Jan. 29, 1847 Et 77.

287. Capt Cyrus Adams died March 31, 1851 aged 70 yrs.

288. Polly wife of Cyrus Adams Born June 12 1782 Died March 16,1862

289. Ruth Pond the Daughter of Mr. Malchiah Pond and Ruth his wife died Jan ye 9th 1786 in ye 5th year of her age.

290. In memory of Thomas Wight who died Nov. 25, 1818. Aged 59 years.

   Death gave to me a sudden call
   I have obeyed and so must all.

291. Erected In memory of Mr. James Wight who died Nov. 2nd 1808 Et 77.

292. In Memory of Ruth, wife of Mr James Wight deceast, June 22, 1796 in ye 69 year of her age.

293. Here lies Burrled ye Body of Eld. John Pond who died March 12, 1759 in ye 72 year of his age.

294. In memory of widow Rachel Pond who died Feb. 15, 1770 in ye 78 year of her age.

295. Louisa A only child of Edward L. & Sarah T. Jenks died Dec. 28, 1841. Et 7 ms & 26 da.

   Oh thou little smiling cherub,
   Though on earth thy stay was short
   Yet in memory dust thou linger
   And forget thee, I shall not

296. In Memory of Lucia and Barton Twin Children of Mr. Lewis and Mrs Ann E. Jenks
        Barton died May 18 1827 Etatis 15 days. Lucia died May 25 1827 Etatis 22 days.

   Sweet Babes;
   They tasted of life's bitter cup
   Refused to drink the portion up
   But turned their little heads aside,
   Disgusted with the taste and died.

297. In memory of Elihu son of John Pond and Dinah his wife who died in the 14th year of his age.

298. Mr. Amos B. son of Cyrus and Polly Adams died Feb. 7, 1832 in his 22 year.

   Consoling thought, dear parents dry up your tears
   For I am gone beyond your anxious fears;
   Weep not for me, my tears are wiped away
   I've paid the debt which son must surely pay.

299. Erected to the memory of Cyrus H. Adams Son of Capt Cyrus and Mrs Polly Adams
        who died Sept. 21. 1827 in his 20th year.

   Here lies his head upon the lap of earth
   A youth to fortune and to fame unknown
    Fair science frowned not on his humble birth
   And melancholy marked him for her own.

300. In memory of Mr. Moses Pond, who died Nov. 4, 1832 Et 95
        Also of Mrs Patience wife of Mr. Moses Pond, died Dec: 1831 Et 90

301. In memory of Mrs. Caty Blake wife of Mr. Isaac Blake die Dec 24. 1826 Et 46.

   Ere long thy mourning orphan children come,
   To you their mother in this humble grave,
   Then rise together clad in bright array
   And soar to regions of immortal day.

302. Matilda Bird, died April 1. 1836 Et 69.

303. Erected in memory of Mrs Miriam B. Coombs Wife of Mr Stephen Coombs who died March 29, 1827
        in the 26th year of her age.

   Stop here young friends and take a second view,
   This dust beneath was once beloved like you,
   Parental love, and nuptial were combined
   To make life dear but she was well resigned
   To leave these blessings for the courts above
   Forever to enjoy a Savior's love.

304. In memory of Mrs Elizabeth Fuller wife of Mr Moses Fullez who died Jan 22. 1818 in the 27 year of her age.

   Too dear for earth, her fleeting soul has fled
   And claimed its kindred with the Godlike dead
   O'er realms of everlasting bliss to roam,
   And find in Heaven its long sought blissful home.

305. Mary J. dau. of Guilford & Rhoda Wight died Dec 10. 1850 E16 years.

306. In memory of Mr Lewis Harding who died Sept. 27. 1826 Et 38.

   To Jesus, make your sorrows known,
   And banish all your fears,
   His hand will raise your sinking hope,
   And wipe away your tears.

307. Erected in memory of Mrs Nancy Harding wife of Mr. Lewis Harding who died March 17 1822,
        in the 34th year of her age.

   Here lies the tender active wife,
   The friend and mother dear.
   Whose sympathizing acts of life
   Did oft the afflicted cheer.

308. In Memory of Mrs Hannah the wife of Mr. Ichabod Harding who died March 15th 1791 in ye 67 year of her age.

309. In memory of Mr. Ichabod Harding who died Oct ye 3rd 1794 in ye 73rd year of his age.

   Let worms devour my wasting flesh,
   And crumble all my bones to dust
   My God shall raise my frame anew,
   At the revival of the just.

310. In memory of Mrs Jerusha White wife of Mr. William White who died May 7th 1813 Aged 77 years.

311. In memory of Mr. William Wight, who died April 8th 1800 Aged 68 years.

312. In memory of Mrs Ruth wife of Mr. Malchiah Pond, who died June 21. 1832. Et 86.

   Receve oh earth this faded form
   In thy cold bosom let it lie,
   Safe let it rest from every storm
   Soon must it rise no more to die.

313. In memory of Mr. John Pond who died Sept. 17th 1823 Aged 46.

   Death is a debt to nature due
   Which I have paid and so must you.

314. In memory of Mr David Pond who died March 24th 1775. Being Eighty Five.

315. In memory of Mrs. Abigail Barbur, Formerly wife of Mr. Joseph Barbur she Died May 28. 1776
        in ye 76th year of her Age.

316. In memory of Mr. Joseph Barbur who Died March ye 3rd 1770 in ye 83rd year of his Age.

317. In memory of Nabby Daughter of Joseph Barbur & Rebekah his wife. She Died May 14. 1769
        in ye 4th year of her Age.

318. In memory of Seth son of Joseph Barbur & Rebekah his wife, he Died Aug. 16th 1772 Some Minnets Old.

319. In memory of Mrs Rebekah wife of Mr. Joseph Barbur who died Nov. ye 23 1796 in the 63 year of her age.

   Death is a debt to Nature due
   Which I have paid and so must you.

320. In memory of Mr. Joseph Barbur who died Jan'y 12. 1812 in his 81st year.

   Why do we mourn departing Friends!
   Or shake at Death's alarms
   Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
   To call them to his Arms.

321. In memory of Mrs. Hepzibah wife of Mr Joseph Barbur who died Dec 27. 1821 Aged 85 years.

   O how I love thy holy law
   Tis daily my delight.

322. In Memory of Elizabeth Littlefield she Died april 25th 1778, in ye 37th year.

323. In Memory of Levine Daughter of Jeremiah Littlefield & Elizabeth his wife she Died November 25. 1778
        in ye 3d year of her age.

324. In memory of Roger Robinson who died Novber ye 29th 1787 in ye 44th year of his age.

325. In Memory of Eld. John Pond, who Died April 10. 1777 in ye 55 year of his Age.

326. In Memory of Lieut John Pond who Died Oct 26. 1776 at Fort George in ye 25th year of his age
        in ye Continental, Service.

327. In Memory of Suel, son of Mr Joseph Barbur Jr. and Chloe his wife who died Dec ye 12. 1799 Aged six months.

328. In memory of Mr. Malachiah Pond who died March 14. 1804 Et 57 yrs.

   Farewell my friends dry up your tears
   My dust lies here till Christ appears.

329. Here lies The Body of Mr. Joseph Ellis Dec'd March The 13, 1757 Aged 65 years.

330. Here lies ye Body of Henry Gurnsey Deceased, July ye 3rd 1759 Aged 80 years.

331. In memory of Ensn Thomas Adams who Died Decr 5th 1773 in the 28th year of his age.

332. In memory of Mrs Bethsheba (relect of Mr Eleazer Adams Junr) who died Sept. 28th 1775
        in ye 54th year of her Age.

333. In memory of Mr Eleazer Adams who Died Sept. 15th 1775 In ye 56 year of his Age.

334. In memory of Mr. Ithamar Adams, who Died Sept. ye 3rd 1775 in ye 22d year of his age.

355. In Memory of Eliphaz son of Mr. Eleazer Adams & Mrs Bethsheba his wife who died Sept 8th 1775
        in ye 13th year of his age.

336. In memory of Mr Eleazer Adams ye 3rd who died Sept 22d 1775 Aged 24 years.

    Father I give my spirit up,
    And trust it in thy Hand
    My dying flesh shall rest in Hope
    And rise at thy command.

337. In Memory of Eliaklm Adams son of Lieut Eliaklm Adams & Bathsheba his wife he died July ye 3rd 1784
        in the 5th year of his age.

338. In Memory of Jabez son of Ellaklm Adams & Bathsheba hi wife, he died Janry 20th 1779 Aged 6 years.

339. Joseph Barber Died Feb. 6. 1847 Aged 78.

   In vain our fancy strives to paint
   The moments after death
   The glories that surround the saint
   When yielding up his breath.

340. In memory of Mrs Chloa the Wife of Mr Joseph Barber who died April 10. 1825 in her 60th year.

341. Mr Henry Adams died April 26. 1832 E 39.

   While pity prompts the rising sigh
   Oh may this truth impressed
   With awful power I too must die
   Sink deep in every breast.

342. In memory of Mrs Mary P. wife of Mr Timothy Adams who died Feb. 23 1827 Et 63.

   How blest is our friend now bereft
   Of all that could burden her mind
   How easy her soul that has left
   This wearisome body behind.

343. In memory of Mr Timothy Adams who died Sept 1. 1831. Et. 73.

344. George son of Timothy & Clarissa Adams died Nov. 16. 1832 Et 2 years & 9 mo.

345. Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth daugr of Mr. Timothy Adams Jr. & Clarissa his wife
        Died Oct. 16th 1825 Et 2 ms,

346. Experience Adams Died July 7. 1843 Aged 84.

347. In memory of Mr Obadiah Adams who died Jan. 1. 1820 in his 62d year.

   Rest no sorrow can befall you
   Mingle with the valley's clod
   Rest till Christ your judge shall call you
   Call you to approach your God.

348. In Memory of Mrs Abigail Adams the wife of Obediah Adams who departed this life
        January ye 11. A. D. 1793. Aged 33 years & one month and Sixteen Days.

349. In Memory of Mr. Nathan Adams who died Jan. ye 26. A D. 1800 in ye 78 year of his age.

350. In Memory of Widow Kezia Fish who died Feb. 19. 1814. In her 85th year.

351. In Memory of ye widow Sarah Adams who died Nov. 7, 1772 Aged 78 years.

352. In Memory of Daniel Adams who Died Sept. 12. 1772 in the 87th year of his age.

353. In Memory of Deacon Thomas Sandford who died March ye 15th 1764 In ye 91 year of his age.

354. Here Lies the Body of Mr Obadiah Adams who died November ye 22d 1765 in the 77 year of his Age.

355. In Memory of Mrs. Christian, wife of Obadiah Adams, who Died July 21st 1777 in ye 80th year of her age,

356. Sacred to the memory of Mr Stephen Adams who died Febry 11. 1795 Etaris 65.

   Mortals be dumb. what creature dares
   Dispute God's righteous will;
   Ask no account of his affairs,
   But tremble and be still.

357. In memory Of Mrs. Mary Adams, relict Of Mr. Stephen Adams who died Jan. 13th 1813 Etatis 59.

   My tiine is spent my days are past
    Eternity must count the rest
   My glass is out my race is run
    The holy will of God be done

358. Sacred to the memory of Miss Christian Adams, who died Oct. 22. 1807 in the 25 year Of her age.

    Here I shall rest in peaceful Sleep
   Free fiom all care and pain,
    Surviving friends forbear to weep
    For we shall meet again.

359. Sacred to the memory of Mr Jesse Adams who died Apr. 12, 1797 Etatis 70.

   This languishing head is at rest
    Its thinkings and achings are o'er
    This quiet unmovable breast
   Is heaved by afflictions no more.

360. Sacred to the memory of Thankful Adams, wife of Mr Jesse Adams, who died January 3, 1797 Etatis 54.

   O, land of darkest shade
   Pierc'd by human thought.
   The dreary region of the dead,
   Where all things are forgot.

361. Olive died Oct, 12, 1787 Et 1 yr, 4 mo,
        Eleazar P. died Sept 24, 1799 Et. 1 yr.
        Holly died July 14, 1801 Et 4 mo.

        Children of Timothy & Mary P. Adams.

    I take these little lambs said he,
   And fold them to my breast,
    Protection they shall find in me
   In me be ever blest.

362. Sacred to the memory of Mr Samuel Adams who died March 18. 1831 Aged 46 years.

   Death could not long this pair divide
   Serene I'm sleeping by my partners side,
   Weep not my children that we've left you here,
   But trust in God and you have nought to fear.

363. Sacred to the memory of Mrs Polly Adams wife of Mr Israel Adams, Who died May 22 1828 Aged 41 years.

   One gentle sigh her fetters break,
   We scarce can say she's gone;
   Before her willing spirit takes,
   Its mansions near the throne.

Although most of the following names are of persons now buried in the new cemetery, I have retained them in my list for the reason that they were originally buried, and lay in the old Adams and Metcalf Tomb until the year 1881, when the tomb was demolished and they were removed.

   General Eliakim Adams Died Nov., 30. 1807 Aged 52 yrs.
   Basheba Adams Died Aug. 24, 1800 Aged 41 years.
   Hannah Adams Died Dec 26. 1811 Aged 36 years.
   Polly Adams Died Dec 23. 1812 Aged 13 years.
   Christopher Adams Died April 24. 1827 Aged 43 years.
   Sally Adams Died Dec. 10. 1718 Aged 21 years.
   Capt. Moses Adams son of Daniel and Sarah (Sanford)Adams. Born Aug. 4, 1731
  Died Sept 5, 1815.
   Rachel, His wife Daughter of Daniel & Mary Leland Born in Sherborn, Feb. 26. 1737
  Died July 16. 1825.
   Capt. Aaron Adams son of Moses & Rachel AdaIns Born Sept. 1, 1776 Died Dec 12. 1825.
   Catherine his wife Daughter of Lieut Jonathan and Jemima Adams Born Jan. 10. 1779
 Died Jan. 7. 1854.
   Silence Born Feb. 12. 1800 Died Feb. 23. 1800.
   Daniel Leland Born June 17. 1818 Died Dec 27. 1818.
   Jonathan Metcalf 1729-1799.
   Bathsheba Pond his Wife 1734-1807.
   Samuel Metcalf 1773-1844.
   Mary Clark His wife 1775-1860.
   Jonathan Metcalf Born Apr. 20. 1763 Died May 4. 1845.
   Mary His wife Born Apr. 26. 1767 Died Oct. 29. 1829.
   Malinda Born Sept 10. 1791 Died Mar. 24, 1854.
   Jonathan Born Mar, 21. 1801 Died Jan. 23. 1833.
   Caroline Born Oct. 10. 1805.' Died Jan. 27, 1878.
   Albert born Sept 20, 1808 Died Aug 11, 1836.